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404 West 2230 North
Provo, UT 84604

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Avg: 9.06 9.13 9.06 9.08
# 1483423.00
This business is very good at getting customers to buy the product, but then later when we need service for warranty verification, they have no respect for us at all. It is slow a... [Read More]
# 147101089.33
They have really great prices and are great to work with on your original purchase. When you take things back to get service afterwards, expect delays on getting your service done.... [Read More]
# 1466565.67
This is in response to the price competitiveness of tungsten bands. I believe it is foolish to make assumptions to say that I am not accurate in the comparison of prices. Utah is ... [Read More]
# 14510999.33
Very accomodating. Most educational website. Best prices and service of all the local jewelers.
# 144910109.67
The service was fast and friendly. I couldn't believe that the ring was finished overnight. Polite, friendly, Great service with great prices. great lifelong services provided.... [Read More]
# 14310101010.00
Great company-very honest and reliable.
# 14210101010.00
If you want amazing customer service go to Wilson Diamonds. I was very pleased to find that these guys do not work on commission. I will recommend all my friends to Wilson. Don ... [Read More]
# 14110101010.00
Great service! Beautiful rings. No pushy or "fake" salespeople. They actually made the ring-shopping experience very comfortable, fun and simple. My husband and I went... [Read More]
# 1403212.00
I tell all my friends that are getting married NOT to go to Wilsons Diamonds. We had a horrible experience there. There was a big problem with our ring, and the sales person preten... [Read More]
# 13910101010.00
Great service. Great value. Great price. I had a wonderful experience. We absolutely love our rings
# 1384866.00
I admire Wilson's because of their high quality diamond and engagement rings however, I disagree with their 40% off on men's bands. If you are looking to buy a men's ba... [Read More]
# 13710101010.00
# 13610101010.00
They were a great all around company which made our experience a great one. even though i live in texas i still tell my friends that are thinking of getting married to go to wilson... [Read More]
# 13510101010.00
Mr. Wilson knows diamonds, and he sells them at a very reasonable price. You will never go wrong going through Wilson's Diamonds.
# 134101099.67
Good customer service.
# 133810109.33
I went to this store at first and after 7 other stores I went back because of their customer service and there selection.
# 13210101010.00
This is the only place I will buy diamonds. Richard Wilson is a fantastic owner who runs an outstanding business. I would encourage everybody to shop at this store for your diamond... [Read More]
# 13110101010.00
They are the nicest people I've ever done business with. They made me feel comfortable, welcome, and under no pressure to make a quick decision.
# 13010101010.00
Excellent service w/empasis on educating us re diamonds. Thank You Richard!
# 12910101010.00
Nobody really compares to the service. No one gives you more honest information about the buying process or sincerely cares about the customers, not the sell. My husband and I rec... [Read More]
# 1289898.67
# 1271111.00
Wilson's had to remake my husband's titanium wedding band FOUR times until they finally got it right. They didn't get it made correctly before our wedding, so he had to... [Read More]
# 12610101010.00
I have a platinum/gold band that Wilson was able to resize without any trouble at all, after I was told by the store where I bought it that any resizing would "destroy the rin... [Read More]
# 12599109.33
They were extremely helpful when my husband picked out my ring, i love it! They were also great to offer ways that they would upkeep my ring for free when i took my ring in for a c... [Read More]
# 12410101010.00
Very friendly and helpful. Not at all pushy. Their staff makes picking out a ring easy, fun, and not stressful. Their prices are great and their staff is very knowledgable.
# 12389109.00
Great service and beautiful rings!
# 12210101010.00
# 12110101010.00
NONE of the people at Wilson Diamonds, we worked with, were obnoxious like we found in EVERY other diamond store we visited (We visited 6). It was a pleasure to work with Wilson p... [Read More]
# 12010101010.00
When my girlfriend and I came into the store we were noticed quickly, but not like we were their next lunch meal. The employee was not only helpful, but he was very friendly, and ... [Read More]
# 11910101010.00
I looked at 8 different places to find an engagement ring. This place beat them all. Their sales people don't work on commission so they all were very friendly.
# 11810101010.00
Richard Wilson did a great job on helping me find the best ring. The other representatives did very well in teaching me about what makes a great dimond
# 1177998.33
I only shop in stores where the salesmen actually do their job and do it well. Wilson Diamonds have excellent salesmen!... [Read More]
# 1164575.33
They implied that my engagement ring couldn't be bought anywhere else because they had their own jeweler design it, and we found the exact same ring--with BETTER engraving qual... [Read More]
# 115109109.67
We looked all over Utah County and Salt Lake County when getting our engagement rings. I couldn't believe how ridiculously stupid some of the salesmen and women were. We went... [Read More]
# 1148998.67
# 113109109.67
Superb in every sense of the word. We visited every store in the mall and Wilson's by far exceeded our expectations in every way. We bought a ring they designed that wasn'... [Read More]
# 11210101010.00
Salespeople were extremely professional and very knowlegdeable. Were genuinely interested in me and my opinions and presenting with the best options that I was requesting. Create... [Read More]
# 11110999.33
# 11010101010.00
I wouldn't choose anywhere else! Wilson Diamonds met my every need and expectation. They pick the very best diamonds and sell them at a very reasonable price. This company c... [Read More]
# 109910109.67

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