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404 West 2230 North
Provo, UT 84604

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# 1087998.33
Great atmosphere, good quality. Thank you.
# 10710101010.00
They were sooooo friendly and cared about what I wanted. They helped me pick out the ring of my choice and helped me financialy to get it. They are Awesome!!!
# 10610101010.00
Willson Diomands was there from the begining to the end. The greeting and service, with a smile, was unmatched anywhere. Even when they thought that there was nothing else they cou... [Read More]
# 105910109.67
I loved the serice so much. I'm very please with my ring and the knowledge the employees had. I felt like they really wanted me to be happy.
# 104101099.67
I went everywhere, and Wilson Diamonds just flat out beat their competition hands down. I felt they were genuinely interested in helping me get the best quality diamond and ring f... [Read More]
# 10310101010.00
# 10291099.33
# 10110101010.00
What an excellent experience! It's impossible to find a jewelry company in the Provo/Orem area with more knowledgable, friendly, and accomodating sales people! I'm please... [Read More]
# 10010101010.00
Wilson Diamonds has my TRUST and REPEAT BUSINESS! Got my wife's engagement ring there 11 years ago. It still looks great and (almost better) I know I didn't get ripped off... [Read More]
# 9991099.33
Wilson Dimonds helped me alot in learning about dimonds and did not pressure me at all to purchase anything.
# 9810101010.00
The staff at Wilson Diamonds are fabulous, especially Mr. Wilson. We have appreciated their approach to educating us about diamonds and we never felt any pressure, just honest, gen... [Read More]
# 97109109.67
This company has a straight-forward approach and educated me to where I looked competitively at 4 different stores and couldn’t beat the price and service. I got the ring I was lo... [Read More]
# 969999.00
# 9510101010.00
Great selection and the best prices! I went everywhere and no one could come close to their price. Highly recommended.
# 9410101010.00
# 93101099.67
Most stores advertize themselves as the best in town. This one actually is.
# 92910109.67
Excellent customer service. The sales people are very knowledgeable and tell you all of the information you need to know in order to make an informed purchase. Definitely the bes... [Read More]
# 91910109.67
Excellent service and quality products. I felt like I could trust them.
# 9099109.33
Shane Corrigan is quite possibly the best salesman on the planet. It must be easy because he believes in what he sells.
# 89910109.67
You know a company is not trying to hide anything from you when they try to teach or educate you in all that they do.
# 88910109.67
Classy place, no BS
# 8710101010.00
All of the employees who helped us at Wilson Diamonds were honest, patient, informative, and professional. We are glad we bought our rings from them.
# 8610101010.00
They were great. They explained everything to us and we went and looked at other stores and they didn't try to explain it as well. The diamonds at the other stores weren't ... [Read More]
# 8510101010.00
Mr. Wilson, Don, and everyone I came in contact with treated me like a customer should be treated. They went out of their way to take care of my needs. Mr. Wilson even called me f... [Read More]
# 8410101010.00
I was personally impressed with Wilson Diamonds because they are the only place that I felt like I was treated in a friendly honest mannor.
# 8310101010.00
I went to every single jewelry store in both Provo and Orem, and I was extremely picky about the diamond. After going everywhere, Wilson Diamonds had the best quality at the best p... [Read More]
# 8210989.00
Wilson Diamonds is one of the best diamond retailers in the market. They are very friendly and are mostly concerned that you become educated about diamonds to be able to make a go... [Read More]
# 819988.67
# 8010101010.00
Wilson Diamonds is the only place I will ever buy a diamond.If I need work done I will take it (send it) there and I don't even live in Utah anymore! They are honest, low-pres... [Read More]
# 79910109.67
Not only is this company friendly, but they go above and beyond the call of duty. They try their hardest to find the right jewlery for you and are patient and respectful of your op... [Read More]
# 789888.33
Very friendly service. Willing to spend time and not place any pressure on you.
# 7797108.67
I was very impressed that the owner of the compant, Wilson himself, was the salesman who helped us. He picked out things that were similair to what I picked out. He listened when ... [Read More]
# 7610101010.00
Excellent all around!
# 75109109.67
# 74910109.67
Wilson Diamonds made sure we got the ring we wanted.
# 738898.33
# 7210101010.00
# 7110101010.00
# 7091099.33
Very friendly. No presure to buy. Very informative.
# 6910101010.00

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