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404 West 2230 North
Provo, UT 84604

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Avg: 9.06 9.13 9.06 9.08
# 6810101010.00
Superb customer sevice, they all knew what I needed to know in choosing the perfect ring.
# 679988.67
Great customer service!!!
# 6610101010.00
The thing I liked most about Wilson Diamonds was the chill atmosphere. They were very helpful and very educational. I felt no pressure to buy there but instead I felt like they w... [Read More]
# 6510101010.00
They strive to help each customer find the symbol that will represent their everlasting love for their future spose and eternal soulmate.
# 6410798.67
Great quality and service. They were not pushy like lots of other jewelers.
# 6310101010.00
This is the best jeweler in the valley. They take the time to sit down with you and explain any question. There is absolutly no pressure from the salespeople. Comfortable atmosph... [Read More]
# 6210101010.00
Great working with them. They had great selections to choose from both with diamonds and with bands.... [Read More]
# 6199109.33
Great store, very helpful, and very low pressure. Josh was a great help.
# 607998.33
The employees are very helpful and friendly. However the prices aren't great but their products are high quality.... [Read More]
# 5910101010.00
Very professional and accomodating. Handled special requests very well. Discretely sent me an engagment ring in Virginia. No hassle, best price of the dozens of others I checked... [Read More]
# 5810989.00
# 5779108.67
Don the service man was the best in the business. We went to him first, told him what we wanted, and he showed us the ring that we now have. Of course, we had to look at about 15... [Read More]
# 5610101010.00
Exceptional service. I was allowed, even encouraged, to inspect the diamonds I was considering under a microscope. Wilson Diamonds was very informative and has continued to provi... [Read More]
# 5510101010.00
Absolutely wonderful service and everyone has commented to us on the quality of the diamond. We searched all over utah and could not find a better price for the quality.
# 54101099.67
Wilson Diamonds was great! They had the most competitive prices around. They were also very friendly and their customer service was great!
# 5310101010.00
Several friends told me they bought engagement rings at Wilson Diamonds; it was the first place they went. I was determined not to be "duped" by the same store. I visit... [Read More]
# 5210101010.00
Great sales staff, there was no pressure. We shopped at a lot of different stores and Wilson Diamonds had the best quality and price by far.
# 5110101010.00
I found the sales staff to be informed, professional, and not the least bit pushy. I felt very confident that I was receiving fair and high quality service. I continue to go back... [Read More]
# 507998.33
# 4910899.00
# 487486.33
Most of the white gold wedding bands that we tried were already turning gold again and needed to be redone. It was not very impressive that all of the bands were like that. They ... [Read More]
# 4710101010.00
Very impressed with the straight-forwardness and integrity of Wilsons. They are the lowest priced and best quality. We recommend them to everyone.
# 46910109.67
Mr. Wilson was very helpful, yet not too pushy. We really appreciated his help, thoughtfulness, and personal attitude toward us. After several diamond stores, he made us feel the... [Read More]
# 4599109.33
# 447898.00
# 4399109.33
# 42910109.67
They were very curtious and conformed to my needs.
# 4110101010.00
Awesome service, selection, and prices!
# 406776.67
# 39910109.67
Excellent store. I would highly recommend Mr. Wilson and his store to anyone for their jewelry shopping.
# 388898.33
# 378777.33
There were problems twice with the engraving, and everyone was very nice to me about it, but it was annoying to have that problem.
# 3610101010.00
# 3510101010.00
the owners of the company are extremely helpful and trustworthy. they go out of their way to help customers with the best possible service and merchandise. if all jewelery stores... [Read More]
# 34810109.33
Working with Wilison Diamonds was a great experience, I would reccomend it to anyone!
# 33910109.67
I get a good feeing when I go into Wilson's
# 3210101010.00
The best part of the service received was the fact that the person trying to help me listened to what I wanted and didn't try to sell me something that I didn't like. I could tell... [Read More]
# 3110101010.00
got my wedding band from wilsons diamonds. it was the same band i saw in other stores throughout the area, but anywhere from 100-300 dollars cheaper. they sales people are excell... [Read More]
# 3010101010.00
Richard (the owner) is incredible. Excellent prices and quality and the sales people DO NOT work on commission. Superb
# 298998.67

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