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404 West 2230 North
Provo, UT 84604

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Avg: 9.06 9.13 9.06 9.08
# 2810999.33
# 276856.33
The people at Wilson Diamonds are very friendly and very helpful. We found a great setting and stone in their selection. We were a bit frustrated with the price they quoted us. ... [Read More]
# 2610999.33
Excellent Price and Quality! I liked their approach with the customer.
# 2510798.67
# 2410101010.00
There service was much better than anywhere else. There was no pressure to buy anything. I would suggest to anyone to go there for any ring purchase.
# 2310101010.00
great customer service, they answered all questions with no hassle or pressure
# 2210335.33
We were very impressed with the great prices Wilson's had to offer. Unfortunately, after the sale was made, we were shocked at the low level of service and quality we were shown. ... [Read More]
# 2110101010.00
You guys are the best, by far, in price and quality. I love you guys and Mr. Wilson. He was so hospitable and our diamond is something we will treasure forever.
# 2010101010.00
Wilson diamonds is the best, in every aspect, and i tell all of my friends that too.
# 1999109.33
Great place to do business. The salesman was very helpful, knowladgable, and not at all pushy or overbearing. Not at all like the other stores we visited. Again, a great store.
# 1810899.00
The service that I received was excellent, there was no haggle involved and they helped find exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Wilsons diamonds to anyone!
# 17101099.67
They are very competitive price wise. Most of the workers are very friendly. They don't have a huge selection of diamonds, but they don't try and "sell" you something you don't w... [Read More]
# 168898.33
Really helpful; One on one attention; very friendly
# 1510101010.00
# 1410101010.00
I worked with wilson trying to find an engagment ring. they easily had the most knowledgable staff around.. i got more honesty out of the sale people here than any other shop in ut... [Read More]
# 1310999.33
I really had a great experience at Wilson Diamonds. They have 10 rules or commandments or something like that, and I really believe that they lived up to every one! The price was... [Read More]
# 128877.67
Wilson Diamonds has always impressed me with the quality of their product and service. They have a great selection, a knowlegable staff, and are willing to help you find whatever i... [Read More]
# 11910109.67
While we opted to get the Brides ring somewhere else we still got the groom's here. We LOVED the people and felt very at ease and had a great time.
# 108998.67
The people were very helpful and friendly, not pushy and obviously-on-commission like we have found in most other places. The rings were great- at others stores I could maybe find... [Read More]
# 98715.33
We were impressed with Wilson Diamonds selection, and the sales people are very friendly to work with....however the service was HORRIBLE. To make a long story short, they dropped... [Read More]
# 810101010.00
I didn't buy from Wilson but wish I had. They were honest and there was absolutely no pressure. The owner even let me drive his $43,000 sports car; alone with my fiancee! Next t... [Read More]
# 710101010.00
While searching for engagement rings, my wife and I felt most comfortable in Wilson's Diamonds, and recieved the best service without ever feeling pressured to buy.
# 67324.00
I would not recomend going through Wilson Diamonds because their 10 commandments of service is a load of trash. I had to have my ring replaced and had to return several times to ha... [Read More]
# 599109.33
# 49999.00
# 310999.33
I believe the Wilson staff was the most helpful of any jewler in the valley. My fiance and I looked just about everywhere and found that these people were the highest in quality a... [Read More]
# 29988.67
# 110101010.00
If I could recommend one Jeweler to everyone Wilson Diamonds would be at the top of the list! They have a great selection and high quality jewlery! The people who work there are ... [Read More]

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