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404 West 2230 North
Provo, UT 84604

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# 2287977.67
# 2275395.67
My list of frustrations with Wilson Diamonds is long, but I will try to summarize the situation succinctly and fairly here. First, I would like to say that Wilson's customer s... [Read More]
# 2261111.00
really pushy and "holier than thou" attitudes towards any other jewelery store, where we were very well treated. Go to Goldsmith or Gold Design, and dont waste your time... [Read More]
# 22510101010.00
My fiance and I thought they were very helpful. We went there solely on recommendation and found their customer service second to none. They were friendly, helpful, and very knowle... [Read More]
# 2245122.67
I bought a ring at a good price in January 2008, but between January and the end of March 2008 I had to take in the ring to get fixed at least 6 times. Things kept going wrong (pro... [Read More]
# 22310101010.00
Wilson's Diamond is AMAZING. I've told all of my friends that is the only place to go when shopping for an engagement ring. Thank you!
# 22210101010.00
What got me into the store was their website. It's awesome. It taught me a lot about diamonds and just made me think they were a legit company. When I went in the store I wa... [Read More]
# 22110101010.00
They were excellent and willing to help us in any way. I dealt with a lot of different staff including Richard Wilson (owner) and was treated with the upmost respect, dignity, kin... [Read More]
# 220109109.67
I'd highly recommend Wilson Diamonds. I never felt like anyone was trying to sell me something. They genuinely helped me find what I wanted, and gave me helpful information abo... [Read More]
# 21910101010.00
I purchased my wifes ring and then we moved to washington. here in Washington we had GREAT cutsomer service each time we called. They were able to send emails of wedding bands and ... [Read More]
# 2188998.67
I was impressed by the staff. They were friendly and honest.
# 217910109.67
Talking to Richard and reading the Wilson Diamond literature after investigating seven other Provo jewelers was like walking into the light from darkness. Where other jewelers see... [Read More]
# 21610101010.00
I Loved working with this company because I went into the store knowing nothing about diamond and really feeling uneasy about the whole ring shopping experience because of what I h... [Read More]
# 21510101010.00
When I started to look for an engagement ring, I was well aware of the abundance of jewelers in the provo/orem area. That in mind, I visited more than 10 jewelry stores asking each... [Read More]
# 2141211.33
Came in looking for a ring... left mortified. Horrible pricing, unattractive designs, and inferior service.... [Read More]
# 21310101010.00
I loved my experience at Wilson Diamonds. My husband and I purchased a beautiful new band with high quality diamonds at a great price. The customer service there was some of the be... [Read More]
# 21210101010.00
We came to Wilson's with an idea for a very complex custom wedding ring set. Jerry and the staff at Wilson's completely exceeded our expectations in every way. Somehow, the... [Read More]
# 21110101010.00
I've never been treated better when making a purchase. Not only a jewelry purchase; but, any purchase.
# 21010101010.00
In searching for an engagement ring, I have shopped around at countless numbers of jewelry stores. I have been impressed by the customer service I've recieved at Wilson Diamond... [Read More]
# 20910101010.00
The best ring store we ever went too. They were very friendly and had the best prices, with the unique ring style she was looking for. I recommend them for anybody, for first tim... [Read More]
# 20810101010.00
This is my third time going back to Wilson's to upgrade my diamond and get a different mounting for it- nothing wrong with the other settings, but just thought it was time to g... [Read More]
# 2079999.00
# 20699109.33
# 2059888.33
They were competitive in pricing, but had good quality diamonds and good incentives.
# 20410101010.00
Very good customer service and care!
# 20310101010.00
Great Company
# 20210101010.00
Wilson Diamond was not only competitive with their prices, but the service and selestion was way better than anywhere else we went. The word that best describes them is QUALITY.
# 201910109.67
Wilson Diamonds is the best jeweler. For 7 years now we have thought highly of them for our jewelry needs.
# 200101099.67
When I was purchasing an engagement ring I went to wilson and I felt that everywhere else that I went was a waste of my time. The service and quality of other jewlery stores didn&... [Read More]
# 19910101010.00
Great customer service! Very friendly and helpful every time I went in!
# 19810101010.00
Our sales rep, Justin, was so patient with us. He spent many hours with us giving friendly advice and not pressuring us to make a decision quickly. I love how they do so well at ed... [Read More]
# 19710101010.00
Great service and no-pressure sales staff. My wife and I loved the experience and the prices were fantastic. Wilson Diamonds really was the greatest place that we came across.
# 196101089.33
I only had my diamond for a year and a half and there was a chip on it. They replaced the diamond for free and it would have cost me something like $180 to have the diamond shaved... [Read More]
# 19510101010.00
The level of help and generosity provided by Wilson Diamond, especially the Owner Richard Wilson, is a rare find. Even the sales associates, Laura Hulse comes to mind, who I encoun... [Read More]
# 1947777.00
# 19310101010.00
# 1929947.33
The Staff at Wilson Diamond was very nice, but after we ordered our ring, we found that there was a defective area in it. We returned it, and they ordered a new one for us but onc... [Read More]
# 19110101010.00
excellent staff and service! Thanks!
# 1909999.00
Always will to serve me whenever I walk through the door
# 189910109.67

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