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404 West 2230 North
Provo, UT 84604

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# 18810101010.00
# 18710101010.00
We had a wonderful experience at Wilson Diamonds. They were so helpful and professional. Our salesman, Kendrick was genuinely friendly and mostly just helped us find what we really... [Read More]
# 18691099.33
The service was great and I felt comfortable that I wasn't getting manipulated. The main reason that I purchased at Wilson though was must because of the selection. They had ... [Read More]
# 18510101010.00
My Dad also went to Wilson Diamonds to get my Mom's ring. We both recieved the same great service, unbeatable price and out of this world quality. In fact my mom and my sister... [Read More]
# 18410101010.00
I am so extremely happy with how my experience with Wilson Diamonds went. I had the opportunity of watching one of my friends making an engagement ring purchase from another compan... [Read More]
# 18310101010.00
We were very impressed with the quality and service at Wilson diamonds from the first time we walked in. We were happy to find out their prices were competitive. They built us a cu... [Read More]
# 18210101010.00
This store was by far the best store that my husband and I found... and trust me, we looked everywhere! After being pushed around and schmoozed by other stores, it was a relief to ... [Read More]
# 18110101010.00
We love this company! I have told other friends and family to go to Wilsons. This is the most honest company I have found (as far as diamonds go). You won't be disappointed.... [Read More]
# 18010101010.00
I was blown away by the great lengths this company went to in order to help my fiance and me. I found out I was allergic to the nickel in my ring and they immediately found it in ... [Read More]
# 179910109.67
I had a beautiful custom pendant made for my sweetheart for Christmas. Mike, the salesperson did a great job in helping me with the design and price of the pendant. The workmanshi... [Read More]
# 17810101010.00
We really had a great experience at Wilson Diamonds. Their customer service was great. We didn't feel pressured at all to buy anything. They had more ring options than any o... [Read More]
# 17710101010.00
I've never been more pleased with customer service and quality. Combined with a competitive "match any other price" you really are getting the best deal possible. I... [Read More]
# 176109109.67
I've been to almost every other store in the valley. Wilson's gave me the best price possible but I probably would have bought there if they didn't. I just felt like ... [Read More]
# 1758916.00
# 17410101010.00
# 1731913.67
Richard Wilson has taken advantage of me more than any other person in my life. The service I received from him was excellent at first, but has changed to shoddy, disrespectful, an... [Read More]
# 1725997.67
The best service out there, but really not competitive.... [Read More]
# 17110101010.00
I would recommend this store to anyone.
# 17010101010.00
Wilson Diamonds has excellent customer service, the owner is extra helpful, really knowledgeable and makes sure your satified. Our wedding band had become rounded and we weren'... [Read More]
# 16971078.00
This is the best place in Provo/Orem to get your jewelry cleaned or repaired
# 16810101010.00
Very low pressure environment. Made the decision very easy.
# 16781099.00
The salesmen know a lot about the jewelry they sell. Don't be afraid to ask questions!... [Read More]
# 16610101010.00
They have the lowest prices, especially on diamonds, so go ahead and take the time to really check them out!
# 16510101010.00
They were the most helpful store that I have ever been to.
# 164910109.67
# 16310101010.00
richard helped us find a beautiful diamond at a great price! he's such a nice, honest man, and his employees were nice as well. wilson diamonds is a great place to buy from!!!
# 1627998.33
Great company, excellent customer service and great products. I highly recommend Shane, we was knowledgable and very helpful.... [Read More]
# 16110101010.00
Shane and Maren are the best in the business. They provide clear, honest information and make the diamond purchasing process enjoyable. We went first to a place in the mall (Kay ... [Read More]
# 16010999.33
We just bought our engagement ring at Wilson's after shopping at many different places, in Utah and Salt Lake valleys. We were actually surprised that we got great service and ... [Read More]
# 15910101010.00
# 15889109.00
Very friendly and very helpful. Low presure from sales people. New store location is very beautiful. More spacious. Good Move!
# 15710101010.00
Wilson's has AMAZING sales people! They were patient, knowledgable, and even encouraged me to shop around (and proved to me they were the best); Wilson's had the best servi... [Read More]
# 15610101010.00
The diamond I bought from Wilson was later appraised at $1,000 above the price I paid. No one can match their customer service.
# 15591099.33
# 1549999.00
# 15399109.33
We are huge fans of Wilson's Diamonds. We bought both our wedding rings there, and later went back to add more diamonds to my engagement ring. We had no problems, got excellent... [Read More]
# 15210101010.00
matched and beat prices, really good
# 15110101010.00
These folks make one of the hardest decisions to make alot easier to make. We felt like they took good care of us and we are return customers
# 15010101010.00
Excellent! Great salespeople, customer service, price, and selection. I was searching for approximately 6 months before going to Wilson Diamonds. The original ring did have a flaw ... [Read More]
# 14997108.67
Really good service. We have felt that they really care about our satisfaction. They did not push us to buy at all. We have had a problem with a small diamond in the wedding ban... [Read More]

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