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1735 S State
Orem, UT 84097
(801) 225-8012

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Avg: 8.89 8.33 8.44 8.56
# 910101010.00
Only Praises. These guys have stuff you cant find ANYWHERE else. And the prices are pretty good too.
# 88888.00
We purchased our microwave from them years ago, and it only had a one-year warranty because it was a remodel, but it is still running perfect to date! They repair stuff great!
# 710101010.00
I took a kitchen Aid into be fixed there. I had it back the next day for next to nothing. Highly recommend them.
# 68888.00
# 57777.00
Very helpful over the phone with repair questions -- buying a new product vs. cost to fix it.
# 410899.00
# 37555.67
Every time I take something in to be fixed, they return it to me unfixed and state that they can't fix it.
# 210999.33
The last time I went to the mending shed, my item got fixed but I did have to wait a bit for service in the front. Other than that they can fix anything, and they have lots in the... [Read More]
# 110101010.00
This is the best company!!!!! they always have everything you need!....and they're HONEST.

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