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250 S State
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 224-4197

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Avg: 8.55 7.71 8.06 8.11
# 497777.00
mvsoEu <a href="">zououusbfcui</a>, [url=]pmxzthuzmruh[/url], [link=]dozllgjgetvg[/li... [Read More]
# 4891099.33
great skating place, if you like roller blading/skating. not very expensive, either.
# 479757.00
cheap prices and fun place for kids, skating, arcade and more, food is also alright. staff doesn't help too much but at least you don't get bothered when you are having fun... [Read More]
# 4610101010.00
# 4510101010.00
I love this place. Worked here for several years.
# 448888.00
Too much of a teeny bop place. Don't go there now that I'm in my 20's.
# 437756.33
it's ok but it needs to be bigger
# 429788.00
# 4110888.67
Had a ton of fun. We went with a big group and it was really funny.
# 408787.67
# 399898.67
My family always has their annual party here. We love it!
# 387777.00
Good clean fun.
# 378677.00
the only time I go there is with discount prices.Wich was about three bucks the srvice was good considering it's the only place I go.
# 367777.00
# 359556.33
Fun place, cheap price.
# 34108109.33
Everyone loves the disco skate
# 336686.67
It is a fun place but It is kind of crowded. I guess that just shows people like it.
# 327797.67
My kids love to skate here. Sometimes it's a little dirty though.
# 317797.67
i have been there a few times for b-day parties and stuff but the floor is not completely clean all the time but i can't say they don't try to keep it clean cause they do a... [Read More]
# 309888.33
This is a great place for FHE. I really enjoyed myself.
# 298687.33
# 288787.67
Hey, it was fun when I was 5 and it's still fun at 23.
# 279888.33
Music is sometimes repetative, but a nice rink to skate in!
# 269788.00
classic skating is the best and only around. the entry way is a bit scary but once your in its fun. disco skating is the best. good fun but the service can sometimes be a little... [Read More]
# 259988.67
If you go on the right night Classic Skating can be great fun. Sometimes the skating floor is crowded with middle and highschoolers messing around. They have good prize nights an... [Read More]
# 249788.00
Great plact to take kids. Fun for the family.
# 237777.00
# 2210999.33
Good Music and Entertainment, fun for the whole family, would go there again, Summer Dollar Days Pass is excellent!
# 2110888.67
great fun!
# 20910109.67
I love to yake my neace here.
# 197676.67
this is a great place if you go as a family but if you send your children with ther friends thay tend to get in to far to much trouble. i have sean to meny kids having sez and doin... [Read More]
# 187787.33
# 178998.67
Dude, Classic Skating is sooooo Cool. The food is Great, you have so much fun. You get to do tons of activities, and have many opportunities to win prizes and food. The price is u... [Read More]
# 169988.67
I love the disco night! I think it is a good way to combine a lot of fun things into one evening. There's great music, fun costumes and an atmosphere that is hard to find. I als... [Read More]
# 158777.33
i love to roller skate. but i felt totally stupid going there when you are the only adults there and didnt bring a child with you it is great for kids to hang out at and have fun!
# 147777.00
# 139898.67
i grew up going every weekend. it was one of my faverite hang outs.
# 12109109.67
# 1110677.67
IT WAS GREAT TO GO THERE FOR FAMILY HOME EVENING NIGHT. THE PRICE WASN'T BAD, AND WE ALL COULD GO. I wish that there were more places out there that were as family oriented.
# 107797.67
Saturday night Disco night is a lot of fun.

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