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745 S. State
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 225-ARTS

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Avg: 8.26 7.86 8.26 8.09
# 4410101010.00
I went to "Footloose" indorrs and "Children of Eden" outdoors, not to mentions numerous movies in the theater. I also love the art displays! Love this place..... [Read More]
# 4310101010.00
# 4210989.00
I love this place!
# 4110101010.00
We never miss an event at the outdoor amphitheater. Season tickets are the way to go.
# 4010101010.00
SCERA is very unique to this area. We appreciate its values and great programs.
# 3910101010.00
Love the atmosphere at SCERA, it's quality community theatre, just everyone chipping in to put on a good show. People volunteer their time to serve the community. Very nice.
# 3810101010.00
I worked for SCERA years ago. They provide a lot of arts and entertainment for the community. I enjoyed my time there and still go back to see their shows.
# 3710101010.00
I'll be a SCERA patron forever. Thanks for all you do.
# 3610101010.00
Musicals are a great singles activity and SCERA has group rates.
# 3510101010.00
I love SCERA, it's great for families and the price is good, too.
# 3410101010.00
My husband and I just bought season tickets to the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre. It's fun to bring blankets with our friends and family and sit under the stars. Best buy in th... [Read More]
# 3310101010.00
I recently moved from Orem to the Salt Lake area, but still get down to SCERA when I can. Have a lot of great memories of fun times there.
# 329777.67
Great family theater. Good shows.
# 3191089.00
Went and saw Little Mary Sunshine. Was a great musical and very well produced. The piano players did a great job and stayed with the action in the play. I really enjoyed myself.
# 307777.00
Sometimes the service has been eratic, but generally it has been okay. The summer series of performances have been of good quality, and it is always great to lay out a blanket and... [Read More]
# 296977.33
I love taking the family to the outdoor plays. Good quality shows.
# 2810899.00
I went with some friends to an outdoor play and enjoyed the community atmosphere and the play
# 277375.67
Dirty, run-down, nasty
# 26910109.67
# 2510798.67
i saw harry potter!!! it was great. they have a huge screen.
# 249999.00
we just saw ten little indians and thought it was great. he had a coupon we recieved in the mail so took the whole family. what a great little local play.
# 238587.00
Good family theatre!!! Will even be better than "Great" once the new renovations are completed.
# 228888.00
# 213343.33
my experience with scera shell has never been a good one. but maybe that is just me. i think the place is pretty old and run down. i had a friend who got arrested on their prope... [Read More]
# 2010899.00
Scera theater always has good movies to take the children to see.
# 195496.00
# 187777.00
Good Theater for the price. Not crowded. The floor was a little sticky, but all in all, pretty good experience.
# 176897.67
thay have great movies and plays the price is on the hi side. ther art show is fun to see. all so the plays thay show are wonderful.
# 169988.67
# 155887.00
Overall the plays and movies my wife and I have seen here are very good. The only main complaint we have is that there are sound problems in every play we go to.
# 147777.00
# 1378108.33
# 127988.00
Great fun.
# 119798.33
The Shell is a fabulous outdoor theater with great community acting, but the sound system is very sporadic and you can't hear everything all of the time. I watched Titanic the Musc... [Read More]
# 1010999.33
I love the large movie screen and the free popcorn for kids. The volunteers are very friendly.
# 99978.33
# 85866.33
# 7910109.67
Very clean theater. Well kept. Fun place to watch a movie or a play in the outside theater. Reasonable prices in the outdoor theater.
# 671098.67
# 58888.00

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