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168 S. 1200 W.
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 224-6000

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Avg: 7.80 7.38 7.49 7.46
# 6110788.33
Definitely go for the pass of all passes-so worth it because you can go back as many times as you like, good deal. Great for the family.
# 6010767.67
Trafalga is good, cheap fun. Especially if you find the $15-20 a month season pass (groupon, KSL deals, ect)!! If you do a season pass they do charge to rent required helmet, glove... [Read More]
# 59101079.00
Get the pass of all passes. It is the most worthwhile thing and you will have so much fun at Trafalga, Seven Peaks, etc. Love the mini golf, and the Lehi location has laser tag.
# 587887.67
It is an ok place but they need to update more & charge less.
# 578787.67
# 56101099.67
Wow this place is amazing. Me and my wife have the pass of all passes. it is less than fifty bucks. and we have probably already used about 600 dollars worth of survices. Awesome p... [Read More]
# 557898.00
In my ratings of fun things to do Trafalga is only mediocre. It seems overpriced for the things one can do.
# 548354.33
I think they should remodel this place. It is starting to look run down.
# 539482.00
The place smelled really bad. The place looks like someone abandoned it. New carpet on the golf course, but it's never cleaned and there are weeds all over. I'll be goin... [Read More]
# 529999.00
I love Trafalga. Cool video games and indorr golf.
# 519888.33
It's a cool place at a good price
# 508787.67
Trafalga has been around forever. I associate it more with highschool dances than anything else. It's a fun place though, and their outside miniature golf course is great. R... [Read More]
# 494264.00
Trafaga has the most ghetto broke down golf course in utah county, there are chunks missing from the green, and metal things used for bouncing the ball off missing, I wouldnt pay m... [Read More]
# 489988.67
It is a great place to take the family. There is something for everyone. My kids love to golf and then go inside for games.
# 477777.00
We played miniature golf there with the kids. They loved it. It was just right for them. It was really really hot outside though.
# 468677.00
the course was in bad condition, but it was ok
# 459878.00
We always have fun at Trafalga.
# 447766.67
Fun place to go but its not very well kept and some workers are too onry.
# 439878.00
Although the miniature golf course is fairly plain, its still a fun way to spend a Friday night.
# 426797.33
It was fun, but it's not the nicest, cleanest, or the newest place out there.
# 415776.33
# 407777.00
Stinky inside
# 399687.67
The indoor course needs updating, none of the water obstacles were working.
# 3887108.33
My husband and I went on our first date here. It is a fun place! Sometimes a little dirty (with kids running around and spilling).
# 3710888.67
Our family had a very good time.
# 368888.00
The batting cages were a lot of fun.
# 355665.67
# 349698.00
Our family always enjoys playing mini golf at Trafalga, as we did on this day. We decided to play some arcade games as well, and this was where we were a bit disappionted. Many o... [Read More]
# 336866.67
3 good miniature golf courses in moderate condition, sometimes hours they are open unusual so check before you go.
# 327777.00
# 314122.33
The course is in TERRIBLE shape. For the amount charged to play, it should be much, much better kept. The course is just not worth the cost - and this is a change because it used... [Read More]
# 306887.33
I would say that the mini-golf is the best there. The price is a little high though.
# 297555.67
Fun place for kids and teenagers.
# 288988.33
I love the batting cages
# 278677.00
this was a fun place when I was seven but now it is just kind of boring. the only good thing that they have there is maybe mini golf and the arcade. Heck that is about all that the... [Read More]
# 269888.33
Fun family friendly atmosphere
# 253744.67
fun but overpriced, but where there is little competition I guess they can get away with it.
# 245876.67
Great place for a blind date...can be a little busy at times.
# 238888.00
Fun date night or family night
# 228988.33
Great place to take a date. Fun atmosphere, good food, and good prices.

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