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780 N 200 E
Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 785-1186

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 9.03 8.68 9.15 8.95
# 3410101010.00
Love the owners. They really care about their actors and it shows through the great plays they put on there.
# 339999.00
Great productions!
# 3210101010.00
Every production here has been excellent! The Renstroms really put their hearts into their theatre.
# 319898.67
I had a great experience at the show I went to see. Awesome music, singing, and acting! A great family theatre where you actually feel like you are a part of the show!
# 3010101010.00
Wonderful performance at excellent price.
# 297777.00
9SDtkv Hi! Nice site! Where is a add to favorite button& ;)
# 289999.00
# 276365.00
# 2610698.33
I have seen or had something to do with every show at vcp and enjoyed all of them. They have wonderful well written plays with actors that are very good at what they do.
# 2597108.67
# 2498109.00
# 237777.00
Very sweet, friendly theater. I thought that the theater was very warm and the play was very moving. It was a real pleasure to attend. I WILL be back!
# 228888.00
# 2110101010.00
Very sweet, friendly theater. I thought that the theater was very warm and the play was very moving. It was a real pleasure to attend. I WILL be back!
# 2010101010.00
Valley Center Playhouse is really good!
# 1910101010.00
# 18109109.67
An Excellent family Theatre. Would definitely go there again. The Audience Interaction is awesome.
# 179898.67
Valley Center Playhouse is a great, wholesome atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy without having to worry about any of the crap and vulgarity that is out there today.
# 1610101010.00
# 1510999.33
Great entertainment combined with great value!! For about the price of a movie you can have great live shows!! Top Quality
# 14810109.33
The Valley Center Playhouse is low standard only in one area and that area is letting everyone that has talent to have a chance to preform in thier plays and musicles. Other than t... [Read More]
# 139999.00
This is a real mom and pop community theater. Take your kids and get them in a show.
# 129999.00
The fun times never end at Valley Center Playhouse. I loved the characters and humor in Possum City, U.S.A. The girls were cute!
# 119888.33
Good plays
# 1010101010.00
Great plays Great price
# 98888.00
My wife and I went to see the play "Mountain Gal". It was a funny play and was pretty entertaining. The value was very good. The theatre is actually in the home of the... [Read More]
# 87988.00
# 7109109.67
for a little play house it was very good. the actors nead new costomes and things other than that i have had plenty of good times hear.
# 69888.33
Very good time. My wife and I recieved free tickets to go the see a show at Valley Center. We were not dissapointed. We went the first nite they were reopened after a two month ... [Read More]
# 510101010.00
great little place for the night out the acting was wonderful and the price fit right in our bugget we loved it
# 4610108.67
# 310101010.00
We love taking the Family here for get togethers. We always have a great time.
# 210899.00
It's a great hometown atmosphere and a great place to take the whole family out to see plays. I do believe they also have family specials
# 1109109.67

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