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76 S State (In Front Of Blockbuster)
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 221-9595

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.25 8.31 8.25 8.65
# 167777.00
They do free hair cuts if you're donating your hair to "Locks of Love." They do a good job cutting hair.
# 1510999.33
Really friendly staff. They do a great job and are really friendly with little kids too. Sometimes it's crowded and you have to come back but it's nice to drop in and not h... [Read More]
# 1499109.33
They participate in Locks of Love and cut your hair free when you donate 10 inches.
# 135997.67
I don't go there any more because they kept raising the price. When they first opened the haircuts were like $5.50 and then they kept going up to like $10.50 or $11.50. I gue... [Read More]
# 127877.33
Great prices! Just need to get better color. And offer ladies day!
# 11910109.67
The best hair-cuts that I've had for a really great price.
# 109999.00
I like not having to have an appointment. Always get a good cut.
# 961098.33
# 8710109.00
Very friendly and helped me get my wedding hair beautiful.
# 79777.67
Good haircuts for a really low price. Nice family salon.
# 67998.33
Great haircuts for cheap!
# 59777.67
Good prices, nice to work with. Will get you in and out quickly.
# 410101010.00
I have been getting my hair cut at FS for about 5 years. Ask for Jamie...she's awesome!
# 310999.33
# 29999.00
# 19119.67
It's a great place to get a haircut. What else is there to say?

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