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93 S State St
Orem, UT 840588
(801) 225-1185

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.32 7.45 8.18 7.99
# 227988.00
Good pizza
# 217777.00
# 2010788.33
The quality fluctuates with their pizza. If you get lucky and the pizza is hot right when you get it, it's really good. If it's started to cool down at all, it gets reall... [Read More]
# 1998109.00
We ordered delivery adn they were so willing to accept the coupon, even over the phone. The deal was great adn the pizzas arrived 20 minutes sooner than promised, so it was great ... [Read More]
# 187787.33
not the best pizza around, but for the price its pretty dang good!
# 1710899.00
Great Pizza even better price
# 168787.67
I was very pleased with the workers at five buck pizza.
# 159898.67
Good price, especially with coupons. Consistently good quality and all you want toppings free.
# 148888.00
Good place for it ot be- around campus
# 138798.00
OK pizza. Not the best. Open late and fast delivery.
# 129788.00
Have ordered pizza here several times. I do like Little Caesars better. It has pretty good pizza for only $5.
# 118888.00
good food for the money
# 109788.00
they have great pizza for even better prices
# 95586.00
i really like their breadsticks but i dont really like there pizza. the service is always really good though, and they are very fast at getting your order out to you when you are ... [Read More]
# 8109109.67
five buck pizza has great deals for pizza and the pizza is great tasting.
# 710778.00
Great pizza for the price
# 68978.00
The most improved co. of the year. From the worst crust to the best crust that $5 can buy.
# 58787.67
Good pizza for the price-great for feeding large numbers of teenagers
# 4109109.67
Great and cheap!
# 310101010.00
No one can beat your prices, the quality of ingredients or the promptness of your service. Your help is very friendly and willing to help and I really appreciate it!!!
# 28576.67
Good cheap pizza
# 15555.00
All fives for five buck pizza!

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