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61 N 100 E
Provo, UT 84606
(801) 373-8482

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.59 9.11 8.74 8.81
# 30810109.33
# 298998.67
# 2871088.33
nice atmosphere good food
# 2791099.33
Wonderful food. Great service. Good prices.
# 2691099.33
Great food, an really nice people, too. This is a nice place to go for a small, private group of friends.
# 25610108.67
our waitress was so nice! the food was great!
# 2410101010.00
I loved it, the food was the best tasting italian food I have ever had.
# 2391047.67
La Dolce Vita has the best Italian food I've ever tasted. Luckily the food is good enough to make up for the service. Maybe it's just the Italian way of doing things, but getting... [Read More]
# 223654.67
High price for good food, No atmosphere
# 2191099.33
The best Italian Restaurant in the city. It's so quaint, and the food is fabulous!!!
# 208988.33
# 1991099.33
I love this restaurant. Whenever people ask for a good Italian place in Provo, I always send them to La Dolce Vita. I've eaten here many times and have always had a good time (and ... [Read More]
# 1810101010.00
# 177766.67
Simple but very authentic food.
# 168777.33
# 1581088.67
Wonderful sauces. Very authentic. This is a really good italian restaurant, but not a lot of people know about it because of location and lack of advertising.
# 1491089.00
# 1310899.00
Very friendly staff and good homemade recipees:) Delicious Italian food.
# 12101099.67
# 1110101010.00
This is a sepurb Resturant for family and couples a like the prices are not to steep. The environment and crew create an inviting atmosphere for anyone to enjoy. I would highly r... [Read More]
# 102633.67
Have twice been given incorrect change. Owner was unwilling to rectify error. Ended up paying +$10 and +$5. Pricing is not competitive considering they have three other Italian res... [Read More]
# 910101010.00
The food is great and so is the atmosphere!
# 89888.33
It is a cute little restaurant
# 781099.00
# 69898.67
# 58888.00
I didn't really like the food as much as some of my friends. They rant and rave about this place but I didn't find it as good as expected.
# 4910109.67
VERY authentic! I loved their sauces! They are so good, but not a lot of people know about this restaurant. Need to advertise more.
# 310101010.00
The food was wonderful! The people were helpful and friendly.
# 291089.00
This is authentic Italian. I haven't found anywhere else that comes close.
# 1910109.67
La Dolce Vita is my absolute favorite restaurant! I love your ranch salad dressing and your tiny croutons. You Lasagna is my favorite dish. I have tried many of them but I am ve... [Read More]

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