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165 East 30 North
American Fork, UT 84003
(801) 756-6688

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.86 7.00 6.73 7.53
# 519335.00
Hi Kazu, thanks for the question. There is only one model of Yamaha p95. The &76;b2#8218; refers to the color of the instrument which in this case is Black. There is also the Ya... [Read More]
# 5010466.67
You get what you pay for. I was not very impressed overall and would rather go to pizza pie cafe.
# 498445.33
# 488777.33
always a cheap easy dinner thats pretty good!
# 479999.00
In defense of the girl at the counter the night we ate dinner. She was very nice. Very patient and we waited only a short time before the pizza was ready. All the employees seem... [Read More]
# 468857.00
really slow service, almost always have to wait to be helped. empoyees only concern is take out. they really dont focus on the dine in customers. They need constant supervision
# 459847.00
Absolutely love this place. It's little know so there aren't too many crowded nights. You can get any pizza anyway you want it. Plus Frosty Mugs. Great family night pla... [Read More]
# 4410888.67
Good food for a good price. variety of beverages.
# 4398109.00
There were two young ladies by the name of abbie and heather that were absolutly fantastic! They took all my pizza orders and had the pizza done in 5 minutes. I enjoyed their ser... [Read More]
# 4210677.67
After I was done eating there, I had some food stuck in my teeth, but they had no toothpicks so I had to wait until I got home to get it out
# 419999.00
Better than a lot of other pizza buffets around.
# 408877.67
Good cheap pizza!
# 3910778.00
Well, it's pizza, and it costs five bucks. What more do you want from them? Better than Little Caesars for the same price, and better than a grocery store pizza.
# 387344.67
The counter service was OK, but the pizza, or lack thereof, was a real issue. There were several families in the restaurant, but NO PIZZA on the buffet! It took several minutes (@1... [Read More]
# 379777.67
# 3610947.67
# 3510978.67
The food and the price was great, but the employees weren't very friendly.
# 3410847.33
Great pizza at a great price
# 335755.67
Not very friendly, and not worth the price.
# 3210757.33
# 3110757.33
# 3010999.33
Five Buck is one of our top choices for lunch break. Inexpensive and very good pizza and salad bar. The best is when you can ask for a specialty pizza.
# 299888.33
They are very inexpensive. I love going there for the lunch buffet. The frosted mugs they give you for your drink are great.
# 288646.00
Good price for OK pizza. Counter service for take out is pretty poor--students working need to remember they are working, not socializing.
# 2710677.67
I like their all you can eat idea. So do the kids!
# 26107109.00
Decent pizza for 5 bucks. Deffinitely better than any Frozen pizza that costs almost the same.
# 2510798.67
What a great deal! I got two pizzas for under ten bucks! No coupons to deal with (though they do offer them at times). Speedy service and all the toppings you like. A great pla... [Read More]
# 2410878.33
I think 5 buck pizza is cheap pizza thats good. I used to go their in high school all the time. I think their service is fast and friendly.
# 231111.00
We order delivery pizza from these guys because of their unlimited toppings offer. They told us they were busy and it would take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get it. We decided to go fo... [Read More]
# 225454.67
i dont really care for this place
# 219988.67
Exellent food! They are quick and make a really good pizza. It is great for lunch, especially if you have a short lunch break.
# 209435.33
They had teenagers working there that was more worried about having a popularity contest than helping the customers. They handled the garbage and then fixed food without washing t... [Read More]
# 199577.00
Great price, not so great pizza!
# 189487.00
Pizza Flat!
# 17101099.67
# 169978.33
# 157777.00
# 147777.00
# 1310101010.00
What a great deal. The ROOT BEER IS #1.
# 129888.33

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