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42 W Center
Orem, UT 84057
(801) 225-4554

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Avg: 6.44 6.96 7.49 6.96
# 45101079.00
Where a kid can be a kid, and an adult can be a.....KID!
# 446776.67
Fun place. Pizza is not very good and too expensive. Staff is young and not too attentive.
# 437877.33
great birthday parties for kids. they took out all the arcade games, tho... :(
# 4279108.67
OK, the prices are a little steep, but I guess you go for the entertainment more than the pizza, at least we do.... The kids love it, they think its the best place on earth so tha... [Read More]
# 418687.33
I got here with my son quite often. It's great that they have free rides early in the day during the week, but the pizza prices have always been pretty steep.
# 402374.00
The prices for the food is too much, and the taste in quality is definately not worth the price.
# 39109109.67
this has been a great family place
# 383665.00
a very fun place to go if you can afford to throw away money. they should knock down the ammount of tickets it takes to recieve a price-so much money is put into tokens and the pr... [Read More]
# 3710899.00
Fun for kids, but the food is kinda pricey
# 367676.67
Fool is pricey but alot of fun for the kids
# 353554.33
The price on food could be cheaper!
# 348998.67
Used to take a children's group I worked with here. They always had fun. You can always find great coupons in the paper.
# 337998.33
Cool place to take little kids. Good pizza.
# 328867.33
it's a graet place for little kids to go
# 316676.33
# 306576.00
I love that they offer free rides during the daytime. It makes up for the food.
# 294444.00
i like the place ists pretty good. although my biggest suggestion is that they need to change out their salad bar more often b/c the last time i went there it was really gross. but... [Read More]
# 289999.00
Pizza is ok could be better
# 279698.00
great place for your kids birthday the pizzas good and the games are great
# 267566.00
I guess it is good for what it is...a place to take kids. games could give a few more tickets than they do, or prizes could cost less tickets, or just have a little better food.
# 2574107.00
the people were friendly, the games and rides were nice they tokens were reasonably priced. the pizza isnt so great and it is WAY OVER PRICED!!!
# 2458107.67
food has improved in last 5 years...but price is still too high.
# 2351067.00
The Pizza was unexpectedly amazing
# 226766.33
# 217777.00
good service and good food, the kids had a lot of
# 206987.67
Love their free rides from 11-2 Mon-Fri!
# 197777.00
free to get is good but overpriced
# 185565.33
Pizza isn't that great, neither is service, but hey, it's Chuck E. Cheese!
# 177787.33
Very high in price, but very fun for the kids. Pizza is pretty good, but not for the price.
# 167787.33
Chuckie Cheese is definitely loved by children. It is a nice place for moms to go if they have a lot to talk about so they can have their kids go off and play but their still clos... [Read More]
# 152775.33
The pizza was WAY overpriced. I realize that it's fun for kids, but there's no way you can afford to get enough pizza for everyone.
# 145755.67
the games are great they keep the kid busy.
# 137898.00
My wife and I take our son there all of the time. We love it and so does he. It is a great place for familys of all ages.
# 127586.67
# 117777.00
yummy pizza
# 104776.00
# 96766.33
it is fun for the kids the food is not too good.
# 86676.33
My kids live to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I think that the pizza prices are outrageous. I just order breadsticks. I also hate dumping money into those machines-so my kids usually l... [Read More]
# 75887.00
Fun for the kids and you pay the price for it. They are WAY expensive on their food prices, but you spend the money so the kids can have a good time. Lots of rides, games and thi... [Read More]
# 68576.67

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