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395 N State Lindon
Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 785-1715

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.36 8.68 8.48 8.50
# 629788.00
Good food. I really enjoyed the communication with the waiter. Excellent prices.
# 619857.33
# 60810109.33
Our waitress was very professional. She was attentive to our needs, but not intrusive. A problem with our food (a small rock in the beans) was handled appropriately by her and th... [Read More]
# 5988108.67
# 5888108.67
Nice, Clean, Fun atmosphere. Great fajitas and yummy specialty drinks. We were seated right away and served in a timely manner.
# 579999.00
I LOVE their chips. In fact. I no longer buy chips from the store, anymore. I go down and buy them there, and usually a couple of bags at a time!
# 5610778.00
Typically the service is great, however, this particular day seemed to be very busy and our waitress was a little frazzled. Food is always wonderful, especially the halibut tacos.
# 556424.00
# 548556.00
The cashier was very slow and there is not adequate room to wait in line, as the area for those that are waiting to be seated is the same as those that are trying to pay for thier ... [Read More]
# 539999.00
# 5210899.00
# 5110899.00
There are very friendly and the food is GREAT!!!
# 5091099.33
This is the best Mexican food I have had in a long time!!
# 4910101010.00
we have been there many, many times and love everything about it
# 486686.67
# 476475.67
Food was Marginal
# 46910109.67
# 45101099.67
# 448998.67
# 43710109.00
# 428798.00
# 417877.33
# 4010101010.00
Better than Provo great atmosphere
# 3910989.00
# 388877.67
# 378898.33
Treated our young children very well, made whole family feel welcome.
# 3691099.33
The atmosphere is wonderful and cozy. Whenever we go there, even on a weekend night, it's always a quick wait. Nothing like other restaurant's 1-2 hour wait to get in. We're in ... [Read More]
# 3571088.33
We lived in Orem and enjoyed eating at the Provo and Lindon Los Hermanos. Moving to Magna has not stoped us from continuing to eat at Los Hermanos. The kids still pick there to eat... [Read More]
# 348777.33
# 337777.00
# 3210101010.00
We were there Jan 2002 but you only go to 2001. Los Hermanos is the best Mexican in UTAH!
# 3110101010.00
My favorite Mexican Restaurant! Their taquitos are to die for!
# 309999.00
Love it there
# 2910899.00
We love the fried icecream!!! it is guys are wonderful!!
# 2891099.33
# 278998.67
An excellent restaurant. We travel from Salt Lake at least once a month to eat there.
# 2699109.33
# 257836.00
The food is excellent at Los Hermanos. However, we had a very long wait. We went on a Saturday just after 2 pm. We did not receive our food until after 3 pm. It was not that bu... [Read More]
# 247898.00
# 2387108.33

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