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71 E Center
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 375-5732

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.02 8.45 8.29 8.26
# 678998.67
Great food. Really good service
# 66810109.33
My husband and I are big fans of Los Hermanos. They always have great service and the food is the best! The prices are very reasonable and we always leave FULL!!!
# 659999.00
# 6491099.33
I had a very pleasing experience at Los Hermanos. The food was great and the service was also very good.
# 63101099.67
# 6259108.00
The Guac is to die for. EXCELLENT service by our waiter, though the host left a little to be desired.
# 6179108.67
# 605544.67
The service has been slow and not very helpful in the past
# 598888.00
# 587846.33
Our waiter never came back and offered us refills, we had to flag him down and ask for them, also, he seemed to want to rush us out before we were ready. But, the food was really ... [Read More]
# 5771088.33
We loved the food there. We will go back again. The atmosphere was terrific. Thanks!
# 564374.67
I am from Texas and LOVE Mexican food. This was NOT Mexican food. -not even TexMex. I suppose it was decent (not grose) but it was just so American. -nice atmosphere.
# 559888.33
Excellent Chimicangas!
# 548988.33
# 5310101010.00
Best mexican out there
# 526745.67
I have enjoyed this place in the past, but the last time I went, the service was really bad and the food quality just wasn't where it should be.
# 515887.00
# 5089109.00
# 497898.00
you food and service was outstanding.
# 489999.00
# 4710101010.00
# 467766.67
The service and food are all right. We like other Mexican restaurants better. The price is average. The best part is the atmosphere--it is great.
# 452253.00
Completely artificial tasting; misgivings about food listed on menu
# 44101099.67
My favorite Mexican restaurant! I love the taquitos and the fun atmosphere!
# 4391099.33
Probably some of the best service I've ever seen rendered by any one restaurant. I don't know where they get the people that they do, but there's always a happy feeling in Los Herm... [Read More]
# 429978.33
# 4110101010.00
Perfect place to eat. No complaints. Get the tostados. And the taquitos are huge!!
# 40810109.33
We often eat at Los Hermanos with friends and with our children and almost always are pleased with the service and the food. Our children especially like to celebrate their birthda... [Read More]
# 39101089.33
# 389878.00
I have always enjoyed Los Hermanos. The ffosd is great and I really like the atmsophere.
# 37910109.67
# 36101089.33
Los Hermanos is our favorite Mexican Restaurant. We have tried others but keep coming back. After 20 years they have not failed us. The fajitas are the best in the county.
# 3589109.00
Our server, Kip, was excellent!!
# 349988.67
Los Hermanos is our favorite mexican restaurant.
# 337797.67
# 3210101010.00
Los Hermanos have the best drinks and the best fajitas I have ever tasted. It is my favorite place to eat.
# 3199109.33
# 3081099.00
# 297787.33
The atmosphere is great but the food is not that good. It is a little pricey but the service was great. The food tastes like an expensive Taco Bell.
# 287998.33

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