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71 E Center
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 375-5732

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.02 8.45 8.29 8.26
# 1076475.67
American style mexican food. Very disappointing.
# 106910109.67
I love there food it is by far the best mexican food!
# 10510101010.00
The Mexican restaurant is a favorite. We have gone for many years. The waiters and the food are absolutely the best. We will continue to frequent this place for years to come. ... [Read More]
# 1047898.00
Good food. Fun garden/fountain area to sit and enjoy a meal. Great specialty drinks.
# 1038888.00
# 1029988.67
the food and service were great, it is very competetive with price and quality to other Mexican Restraunts I have been too.
# 1018877.67
# 10010788.33
I love the food at Los Hermanos. Nachos are my favorite. It's worth the wait.
# 997787.33
Good food that will fill you up. Nice place, love the free chips and salsa. Sometimes takes a long time to get seated.
# 989999.00
Great chicken taquitos
# 978877.67
the service was good the chips and salsa were great the waiter was not very friendly though
# 967998.33
Great food, fun atmosphere.
# 959788.00
The price is nice, but you get what you pay for. Very popular, often crowded, but still fun. The food is a little "americanized."
# 949999.00
Great atmosphere; some of the best mexican food in Provo!
# 938566.33
i havent found a dish there I liked yet, everything tastes smokie like something got burned in the oven and made everything else nasty. To many places in area to pick from for me a... [Read More]
# 929988.67
The chips and salsa are the best. Also the specialty drinks are great!! Mmmmm...two thumbs up!
# 916987.67
# 907988.00
great good and atmosphete, their Nachos are my personal favorite
# 899999.00
Some of the best Mexican food in town. You get a lot for your money.
# 885496.00
The refried beans tasted like ham!!! Yuck! The rice was stale and didn't taste authentic.
# 8791089.00
Darn good mexican food at a good price
# 869788.00
I went with a large group and they were very quick in seating and attending to our needs. The food was great and the atmosphere was perfect for our meal. Overall, I would recomme... [Read More]
# 855665.67
Soup and Seafood dishes were pretty good, but beans, rice and salsa could use a lot of help.
# 8499109.33
Great food and great service by Cody.
# 839999.00
Our order was deliverd very fast, never been that fast before.
# 8291089.00
A bit slow to get the food out, but it was great food to eat.
# 818777.33
# 8071098.67
# 799988.67
Good chips and salsa and good food
# 78101099.67
# 7710978.67
Best fish tacos around (soft shell)
# 768666.67
Fast lunch specials, but a little too greasy for me.
# 757856.67
# 748888.00
Friendly and beautiful environment. Love the service and the food!
# 737777.00
# 72710109.00
I very much enjoyed the atmosphere at Los Hermanos. The food was wonderful and the people were very cordial and efficient.
# 717887.67
# 709937.00
The waiter spilled salsa all over the side of my shorts and he didnt even offer to help clean it up or anythting.
# 6910101010.00
# 689788.00

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