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672 N 200 W
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 377-1115

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Avg: 9.38 7.54 8.02 8.31
# 486385.67
Awesome you should think of sohtimeng like that
# 475385.33
Not worth it - cardboard pizza! Just head to Little Ceaser's for a $5 hot and ready. By the way $5 pizza is mis-leading, it is difficult to buy anything for $5 there!!!
# 46101099.67
i love five-buck pizza, especially when i have coupons. makes a great dinner for me and my wife cuz we're students.
# 4510101010.00
# 4410767.67
Very cheap. Cheese bread is the best deal
# 4310657.00
# 42910109.67
# 419898.67
I love 5buck pizza. Awesome pizza for the price. Very nice employees and great service!
# 4010778.00
# 399777.67
the pizza is defiently worth the price.
# 388687.33
Basically, you get what you pay for. I like Little Caesar's better.
# 378898.33
For 5 bucks you get your money's worth.
# 3610999.33
Great pizza for a great price. the idea to allow for all toppings free is the best idea around. We always use 5 Buck for our business parties!
# 357687.00
# 3410101010.00
This is the best pizza you can get for $5 to $10, depending on what size you like. When you use the coupons they send in the mail, your family can be fed for a minimal cost. They... [Read More]
# 33109109.67
Cheese bread is the best i've ever had.
# 3210101010.00
Freshest, fastest, free frills, fine fare food in the shape of a circle! Always ready in 10-15 mins! The only place to order pizza. A $5 all toppings free medium pizza puts a Littl... [Read More]
# 31106108.67
cheap prices but pizza tastes like cardboard.
# 30109109.67
great the free toppings
# 2910989.00
Good pizza for a super price. You can't find a price that that anywhere around here.
# 2810546.33
# 2710888.67
Very good price when you don't mind cheap pizza. It is actually very good for the price.
# 269968.00
Super great pizza, actually good quality especilly for the price. But they should call it $6.50 Pizza
# 259687.67
# 24109109.67
Great pizza, but even better root beer. Delivery is exceptionalle accomadating.
# 239767.33
Great price.
# 2210788.33
Look at the name. $5 for a pizza. Free toppings too. Now the pizza isn't that great and the cheese is the worst I've had on pizza, but for $5 it's the best deal ther... [Read More]
# 2110788.33
All the toppings you want is awesome! They are the best deal for the buck in town. Nothing spectacular, but a great deal.
# 2010989.00
Very good pizza, pretty fast and great prices. 10 bucks is just to much for a regular pizza, and you get free toppings here. A+!
# 1910999.33
Great Pizza for a great price. I get tired of paying over $10 for a pizza. This place lets you get all the toppings you want for the same price.
# 1810999.33
# 1710767.67
# 1610778.00
# 15107109.00
great pricing--I like how you can get any toppings you want for free. The cheese is a little plasticy though. It's ok if you want to go cheap.
# 147777.00
Quick, down, dirty, cheap, and serviced well to feed the pallet
# 1310888.67
Good pizza with very competative prices.
# 1210888.67
The prices at 5 buck pizza are the best. For what you pay at 5 buck pizza you get the best food. The breadsticks are the best.
# 117777.00
# 1010888.67
# 910101010.00
5 Buck Pizza is my favorite pizza, the pizza is very good, the price is wounderful, and the customer service is the best. I think the bald guy is realy cute!

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