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960 S University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601

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Avg: 7.56 7.67 7.61 7.63
# 715413.33
# 70101089.33
a great fastfood place. not too expensive
# 699999.00
great food and fast. I love there condament bar. fresh fresh, fresh
# 687898.00
I like Taco Time because their food is really good and it's made from fresh ingredients. Unfortuneately because of this their prices are a little higher than other fast food p... [Read More]
# 6710868.00
The downside is the LONG wait in the drive-thru line. But the food and prices are great.
# 666676.33
# 658646.00
Competitive prices, bad atmosphere.
# 648777.33
# 638888.00
Great taste of fast and reliable mexian food. Many different items. This is fast, but also healthy food to spice up your life
# 6210778.00
Thier daily specails are terrific values. And the salasa bar is always well stocked. I just wish they had free chips at the salsa bar!
# 619597.67
One cool thing about this place is it is open late! Not many places are open late, and people are hungrey! They also have a nice variety of food.
# 606976.67
I REALLY enjoy the crisp chicken burrito. It's excellent. It's always a little bit pricy though. Good for a treat every now and again.
# 599898.67
Don't eat here that often. I do like their taco salad. Good prices and I do like it better than Taco Bell.
# 589898.67
LIke this place better than Taco Bell. Cheap food.
# 579888.33
close to my house good prices
# 568677.00
they have pretty good prices they are not the cheapest though. i like they food sometimes but they should season stuff more, its so bland.
# 557998.33
Top of the line tacos, (for fast food). Price is higher, but the quality of the food makes it worth it.
# 54710109.00
they always have great fresh food i eat there at least once a week the prices are a little higher than places that sell the same stuff but it is way better than those places so its... [Read More]
# 536866.67
Taco Time is always a little more expensive, but the fried chicken burritos are excellent!
# 52910109.67
Service is grat and I love the food
# 518867.33
The soft taco is the bomb
# 5010989.00
Great food as always! I love the Veggie Burrito, it's yummy! I also love how they take a Company Rank dollar and even print it on the receipt.
# 498687.33
As cheap as Taco Bell but not nearly as tasty. I have ordered a few times where my burritos were soggy and the beans runny. I want it fresh!
# 487777.00
forget taco bell, taco bell doesnt have empanadas the bevarian cream is so delious, come to think of is so are all of their deserts, psh what does taco bell have...
# 475786.67
good food
# 466877.00
# 4587108.33
# 445866.33
Good tasting food, not great great service
# 437887.67
Food and service was ok but price was a little high for what the other taco shops are charging.
# 4210101010.00
I will never get tired of your crispy Burritos they are great. Service is always Friendly and Fast.
# 418967.67
# 406676.33
Gotta love those burritos! Taco Time serves up a great variety in a highly contested market, and they have their own signature taste, too.
# 396455.00
THis place ought to be shut down for false advertising. I went there once when I was really hungry and Cafe Rio was filled up. I saw a picture of a really big and good-looking ta... [Read More]
# 385676.00
I've been there three times and never had a really good experience, but I like a lot of other locations.
# 379988.67
great crisp tacos price is fair on ther items
# 364665.33
Average food.
# 355776.33
I love Mexican food . Taco Time is not as good as TACO bELLS but it is quite nice.
# 347887.67
I like the food. It seems to be a bit pricy though. Almost 2$ for a crisp meat. They used to be .99 Good food though.
# 339978.33
Always fast and good, sometimes they mess up orders.
# 328877.67
They are always good, now and they royally mess up my order.

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