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242 E University Parkway (Between Barnes & Nobles and Deseret Book)
Orem, UT 84058

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.55 8.84 8.23 8.20
# 448888.00
I love their frozen Custard. Great place for a quick treat or something to nibble on.
# 435786.67
I LOVE their frozen custard, and have not found its creaminess anywhere else. I appreciate that they bring your food to you.
# 427898.00
the food is really good, but I do not know whey the prices are so high. I guess they are not that high above average though.
# 417898.00
the food is really good, but I do not know whey the prices are so high. I guess they are not that high above average though.
# 40810109.33
If you haven't tried frozen custard yet, you should! SO smooth, rich and creamy, you'll be back for more!
# 397998.33
The food was really good. I had an oreo shake that was delicious but they don't give you a huge shake.
# 387555.67
The food was okay. Service was kind of slow, and the restaurant was too small.
# 376897.67
It's all about the buns when you order a burger. Their frozen custard flavors are pretty yummy, too.
# 3681099.00
Best ice cream in utah county hands down. They have good hamburgers too!
# 3591099.33
Custard here is wonderful.
# 3477108.00
# 3310101010.00
Awesome company their frozen custard is so good it tastes like ice cream
# 326776.67
Great frozen custard. The coney dogs sound good, but the chili they use is way too spicy-ruins the dog.
# 3110101010.00
# 3010101010.00
This place is awesome! They have great burgers and ice cream!
# 2981088.67
great food, great custard.. first time and i was really impressed! quality food.
# 285866.33
A little pricey and not real flavorful, get it to go as the atmosphere is a little crowded. Great texture but not many flavor choices.
# 278988.33
the food here is delish! i love the fries and fry sauce
# 267756.33
loved the smooth flavor and texture
# 2591068.33
# 248978.00
The custard was fabulous, but the location is really small and busy and it was hard to find a place to sit.
# 2367107.67
The workers are friendly, and the food is great
# 2291099.33
I was sort of surprised, but their custards were really good.
# 2110101010.00
I'm a huge fan!
# 208898.33
the service was great everyone is really friendly
# 197977.67
Unique flavor; great place.
# 18810109.33
Great ice cream!!! Even better than cold stone!
# 175755.67
the service has been slow every time I have gone, I went during their first week when they were offering $.25 custards, there where a million people and only three working, it was ... [Read More]
# 1681088.67
Their ice cream is soooo gooood.
# 158967.67
Best Ice Cream in the valley
# 14910109.67
I tried the custard after my friend told me about it. I was thrilled. It was better than any ice cream I've had.
# 131996.33
# 127656.00
# 1171098.67
great icecream it is so light and fluffy.
# 106998.00
The custard was delicious and I thought the employees were friendly. However, the supposed density of the custard makes the portion seem so small in comparison to another ice crea... [Read More]
# 951077.33
Love the frozen custard - I thought the price was excessive - I'm not sure that it was worth it. Very pricey.
# 881088.67
This place is AWESOME! The Flavors-of-the-day are SOOO GOOD! Far better than plain old, ice cream. Definately worth trying. I am hooked!!!
# 710101010.00
Everything was sensational! I loved it.
# 681099.00
Tried their custard at an Expo. It's really good!
# 58947.00
It was good, but the guy behind the counter threw a fit over a coupon I misplaced and I thought he was dumb.

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