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University Mall 575 E Univeristy Pkwy. #E-87
Orem, UT 84097

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.59 9.12 8.78 8.46
# 327777.00
QRfjB9 <a href="">ugfwprmvczhe</a>, [url=]fpcytywfaatx[/url], [link=]jrwcohdmieng[/li... [Read More]
# 31710109.00
# 3010101010.00
# 297998.33
Not the cheapest way to go, but they have a cool discount point system.
# 289999.00
I love the selection of products at a nice price.
# 275897.33
They helped me look for what I wanted
# 2610101010.00
always great
# 255966.67
The employees are often annoying and unhelpful. Their selection is pretty good, but their prices are horrible! I don't like shopping there unless I can't find what I'm... [Read More]
# 247977.67
always slow to check out
# 236987.67
I love desert book but I think their prices are too high.
# 2210101010.00
The Service here is amazing. They are great to work with when I'm looking for a new book and they always accept returns. All the employees are friendly and engaging.
# 218998.67
Good selection you can find good stuff there.
# 2010101010.00
What can I say... I worked there. I loved working there because there was so much to offer to the customers. You can really find any gospel topic and even more. It's great.
# 195977.00
I don't really have anything good or bad to say about these guys. It's a good place to buy books.
# 188997.33
Prices are pretty high for mormon stuff. You would think that this stuff would be cheaper sinces it's stuff from the church.
# 178998.67
Good selection. Can be expensive though.
# 16610108.67
They're not the cheapest place to buy -- for all they trumpet their "price match" guarantee -- but if you need something, they'll have it. It is always a fun plac... [Read More]
# 158988.33
great place to by a good book.
# 149999.00
good books good price anf friendly employees
# 137998.33
Deseret Book always has very friendly and helpful staff. They carry almost anything you could want based on the LDS faith. It is a bit on the pricey side. I love that they added... [Read More]
# 128998.67
Wonderful selection of great books!
# 1189109.00
Great hard to find items. I go in and find things that I didn't know existed. Great books and paintings.
# 1081088.67
The best selection of LDS merchandise anywhere. Plus, great sales.
# 96998.00
They may have a great selection but compared to Seagull they tend to be more expensive. Wish they would sell the new Stansfield...I had to go elsewhere....
# 86766.33
Prices are a bit high.
# 7910109.67
Must limit my time in this place. Nice displays and only the best.
# 68998.67
# 581099.00
# 4610108.67
some of their stuff can be found elsewhere at half price
# 39999.00
I like the huge selection. Employees are always willing to help me find what I want.
# 27777.00
Generally good service
# 1810109.33
Largest selection of LDS and other books, pictures, music, etc. Nice and pleasant atmosphere.

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