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648 E. State Street
American Fork, UT 84003

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Avg: 8.67 8.58 8.17 8.47
# 1288108.67
It just smells so amazing as soon as you walk in to this place. the BBQ is actually pretty good and the sauce they use is just right
# 118888.00
my cousin used to work here so that how i know about this place. although everything seems to go dry quickly here in utah, the meat is actually pretty tender. i would recommend the... [Read More]
# 107877.33
Love the spicy chicken sandwich, the ribs (duh) and the sweet potato fries.
# 97777.00
# 810101010.00
Rib City Grill, is the bomb!
# 77998.33
# 68857.00
I had contact with the owner and two waitresses. The owner was enthusiastic but the waitresses didn't come accross very well. Neither smiled and each appeared just to be doing a jo... [Read More]
# 510101010.00
# 49736.33
Good food. Very slow service.
# 310101010.00
We have been to Rib City several times and have enjoyed it each time we have been there.
# 210101010.00
Best BBQ in Utah. I eat here almost weekly and I have yet to have anything that was not amazing. The ribs are the best I have ever had. The owner is great and always out and talkin... [Read More]
# 110899.00
The ribs live up to the guarantee on their menus! You definitely do not need a knife to eat these. They totally fall off the bone. On the other hand, I was disappointed in the &... [Read More]

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