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790 N 800 E
Spanish Fork, UT 84660
(801) 798-6767

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.83 9.00 8.83 8.89
# 1810598.00
I love Papa Murphy's pizza and have bouhgt it frequently. I recently moved to Springville, however, and the quality, of the crust specifically, isn't as good as the pizza&... [Read More]
# 1710101010.00
This is by far my favorite pizza place. I love it and my kids love it.
# 1610999.33
I buy pizza regularly at the Papa Murphy in Spanish Fork even though it is a distance from my home in Springville. The product is fresh ,easy to prepare and economical.
# 158988.33
# 14101099.67
# 136977.33
# 128888.00
Good pizza :)
# 1191099.33
Your pizzas are great with large sizes for small prices. Let people know that your pizzas have no egg products. I have a niece who is severly allergic to eggs and your business d... [Read More]
# 10810109.33
Great Pizza, Great Service!
# 910101010.00
I love your new thin crust pizza reminds me of the pizzas I used to get when I lived back in the Chicago area. Mary
# 810989.00
The food was great and the service was good too.
# 79999.00
cant beat the take and bake and getting a better price...
# 68888.00
# 510989.00
They are great. Wonderful food! Fresh and favorite!
# 471098.67
love the chicago style, higher quality in exchange for a little extra hassle to bake it yourself, but other places goof up the cooking more often then I have at home.
# 389109.00
Great deep dish, but a little inconvenient to cook it yourself when you can get it cooked for like .50 cents more.
# 29999.00
Great Idea take and bake that way you can say that you made it. (Wink Wink)
# 19999.00
Very clean. Very curteous employees. Good fresh pizza.

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