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1360 S State
Orem, UT 84058

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.65 7.52 7.78 7.61
# 2310778.00
it is awesome because if you have a coupon you git one free.
# 227777.00
# 218545.67
I was not very satisfied with my experience at arctic circle, the food was mediocre and quite bland. the only decent part was the ice cream
# 2010978.67
love their oreo shakes. mmm!
# 198787.67
pretty good
# 183895.67
I like to order the chicken rings. They are fun to eat. I think this place could lower the prices though.
# 177898.00
99 cent sundaes are very good, they give lots of options. Also, I love the fries.
# 166776.67
I really love Arctic Circle's fry sauce. They also have great dipped cones. As far as fast food goes, this is pretty good. I don't eat here a lot though.
# 1510101010.00
they have the best food for the price there cheapest burger is 10 times better than other places best burger
# 147687.00
good hambugers fries too greasy and a little high priced
# 138877.67
This place's ice cream, shakes, et al. and fries make Artic Circle great. Love it there. One of the better quality fast food joints.
# 128988.33
Shakes ROCK
# 114575.33
yucky steak burgers. YUCK!!!
# 1099109.33
# 98998.67
Best fast food chain in Utah Valley, the beef is great. Everything tastes good, and the special deals bring people out often.
# 8810109.33
Love the beef!
# 77777.00
# 69788.00
Great ice cream!
# 5101089.33
# 46686.67
Ok food, but other fast food places are better.
# 310101010.00
Great FIsh and Chicken Salad! My husband & I like the "Hometown "feel. The place is always clean !
# 28888.00
We had the Double Cheese and they were good
# 15133.00
I was not impressed at all! The employee was impatient with the customers in front of us and then walked away when it was our turn, so we had to wait for another employee. When w... [Read More]

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