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10713 N 6340 W
Highland, UT 84003-8008
801-830-3353Hours: Open All Day and All Night
Price Range: Plans to match any budget

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Avg: 9.17 9.31 9.29 9.26
# 259999.00
I love your system, very cool site. I've used it a lot already.
# 247777.00
Generally good service
# 2310101010.00
I think this website is a great idea
# 2271098.67
This is a cool service. I like to use the coupons and see what others think about companies before visiting myself.
# 2110101010.00
I have really enjoyed rating companies! I'd even do it if there were no prizes!
# 206776.67
# 198888.00
slick and easy to use website.
# 1810101010.00
# 1710101010.00
This company is such a great idea! I love looking at how other companies are ranked and to hear what other people think about certain businesses. Whenever I want to try a new res... [Read More]
# 1610101010.00
I have been posting on for quite some time. I enjoy leaving comments on businesses and reading what others have to say about local businesses. The rewards on comp... [Read More]
# 155997.67
# 1410101010.00
Great idea. I love coupons and being informed. This brings it all together.
# 1310788.33
This is a great concept, the problem is that the member stores don't seem to encourage (from my experience) people who do not buy from them to rank them. In most cases if they... [Read More]
# 129999.00
# 1110999.33
I like the coupons... [Read More]
# 10101099.67
# 9109109.67
# 8109109.67
# 79999.00
I really like this site. It's a great way to let others in the public know what kinds of personal experiences you have had with businesses. Great job with the site.
# 69999.00
Great concept!
# 59999.00
Ranking is sort of comical, but appropraite. I've been impressed with the site so far. I've even won a gift certificate already. The more people that participate... [Read More]
# 4109109.67
I really like this web site. Whenever my wife and I want to go out for a night on the town or after we get home we consult this web site to see what it has to offer.
# 310101010.00
I always hate to give all tens, but in this case it is justified. They are so helpful, that they have great service. Their quality is great because it is a cool sight, and they s... [Read More]
# 210101010.00 is the best site in Utah for Advertising and rating local companies. They do a great job of bridging the gap between buyers and sellers.
# 1109109.67
Very useful site. The price to advertise seems very reasonable.

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