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509 East State Rd.
American Fork, UT 84003
(801) 756-2288

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# 283945.33
I came, I read this article, I coqreenud.
# 279999.00
Grannys has been around for quite some time & used by all of my family. Very qualified.
# 269888.33
They are so nice! We had a real lemon truck and they kept fixing the problems and they were really nice to not charge as much as they should have. I think they felt bad for us.
# 259888.33
We got our I/M done there. It was quick and with the cupon we had it was the best price around.
# 24109109.67
# 2310101010.00
I love Granny's! They are always fair and honest about our cars.
# 22109109.67
I would like to add my compliments to Cynthia and her staff. They are very professional and friendly. She is a credit to her profession and to the Comunity that she serves. I fo... [Read More]
# 216244.00
Installed a part wrong and then wanted to charge me additionally for a different part.
# 2010101010.00
# 1910101010.00
# 1889109.00
# 1710101010.00
They are very honest and will get the job done right!
# 1610101010.00
The service is always done quickly and to the customer's satisfaction. Thanks for your caring demeanor.
# 15710109.00
Granny's has a very friendly and honest staff. Good home town feel. I'd definatly recomend Granny's.
# 148888.00
# 135776.33
I dropped my SUV off at noon on Friday and they still don't know what's wrong with it! And they told my wife it would be 30 dollars to diagnosis it and now they are telling me 60!... [Read More]
# 1210101010.00
I got an I/M test done there and I was done in less than 15 minutes. Super fast, super efficient! I will definitely go there again!
# 11810109.33
Cynthia was wonderful and extrememly helpful. She has always been very polite. Thank you!!
# 107777.00
Good Service
# 910101010.00
I have never had an auto service company take such care in keeping me informed and advised. They were competitively priced and completed my repair promptly.
# 81111.00
This place is a joke. I wonder if anyone at this place has ever fixed a car. I had a horrible experience, and it wasn't until after my experience that I found out that they have ... [Read More]
# 798109.00
I really like using Granny's Automotive. The owner is very nice and she knows what she is talking about. For awhile I felt like she was my best friend. She bends over backward t... [Read More]
# 6910109.67
How nice to finally have someone I can trust with my service and repairs. Cynthia Grantham knows just about everything there is to know about repairs - and how to prevent needing g... [Read More]
# 56877.00
Average Customer service, good quality report but higher price was paid than negotiated.
# 499109.33
# 398109.00
# 210101010.00
# 19898.67

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