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198 South Main Street
Springville, UT 84663

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 6.44 8.69 8.39 7.84
# 3610101010.00
So good! Thank you! We loved it.
# 35710109.00
They are awesome and work well with Gluten Free customers. Just ask for the owner or head cook and they will cook you anything you want.
# 34101089.33
I LOVE the lunch buffets, and then the weekend buffet is also to die for. The prime rib seasoned to taste right in front of you, the world-renowned chocolate cake.... oh and don't ... [Read More]
# 337988.00
The food was average, too expensive for fast sit down type food in my opinion but they have great Desserts.
# 325997.67
You have some of the same selections as Magleby fresh, They have more food and the price is a bit less.
# 3110101010.00
Loved going to the new place where TGI Friday's used to be. I ate way too much, was treated so great, and had a wonderful date with my husband. Love the shrimp that you peel.... [Read More]
# 30910109.67
pricey, but good. best when someone else pays :)
# 2978108.33
Good service. The food wasn't that great, and it was so expensive.
# 2810101010.00
Everything was wonderful. From the food to the service. Definitely would recommend to all my friends and family.
# 276897.67
Good food but a little overpriced. They do have a cool atmosphere.
# 26610108.67
I love the all you can eat french toast.
# 252222.00
# 247998.33
# 23910109.67
I go here to get a fine meal.
# 2277108.00
Very good service.
# 217998.33
# 202896.33
The food at Maglebys is pretty good, but very overpriced for what it is. The atmosphere is a bit like an old folks home. However, the breadsticks are delicious.
# 194665.33
Bread is yummy! I didn't enjoy the chicken parmagiana, spaghetti sauce too sweet. My husband and I can't afford it unless we get a gift certificate. Long wait time.
# 182996.67
Way expensive but dang good food
# 176977.33
Excellent food. A little pricey.
# 163886.33
You have awesome service and good quality, but lack variety and are very pricey. I wish that you were more competitive and offered more coupons/deals
# 155997.67
The garlic, cheese bread makes Magleby's worth it! The best over-priced food around! You are paying for the name, but the food is always wonderful & Doc is always there to gr... [Read More]
# 149999.00
# 135876.67
# 126998.00
# 113876.00
# 109898.67
# 961098.33
# 88888.00
Very impressed with all the people that worked there. They were very efficient and friendly. I had not had such good luck there before. I met the manager and was very impressed ... [Read More]
# 78998.67
I really liked the food here. The workers seemed willing to accomodate what I wanted.
# 65845.67
I like the food, but what's this I hear about a 15% Takeout fee? If that's true, that is a huge mistake.
# 53935.00
It's ridiculous that they charge you 15% extra for a take out order.
# 489109.00
# 3710109.00
Wonderful rolls! The rolls make it all worth it!
# 27988.00
# 17988.00
The Food is great, especially the desert!

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