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A-98 University Mall
Orem, UT 84097
(801) 224-0958

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.56 8.49 8.01 8.02
# 79910109.67
The food is always good. I love the fries and they always have coupons!
# 787877.33
Good food
# 778756.67
# 767977.67
The food is wonderful, even if it is a bit more than you would pay at most hamburger places. I have never been disappointed in the quality of my food here, although the service is... [Read More]
# 757777.00
would rather go somewhere else for chicken sandwiches
# 7410101010.00
There are so many choices to eat at the mall but I always choose Chick-fil-A. It is the best!
# 737887.67
Good food. Their chicken sandwiches are some of the best around Utah County.
# 729888.33
I love the criss cross fries
# 719999.00
i have all ways loved ther food and it is fresh and i feel it is home made including the ice cream and the lemon aide
# 7010888.67
# 69108109.33
I really like to food and the service and its hot and good and the people smile and make you feel welcome
# 684655.00
# 6781099.00
They have always been friendly every time i have been there. They try to work quick too.
# 669888.33
# 657887.67
Chicken sandwiches are great. Place is always clean and well kept.
# 6471088.33
Their food rocks my world!
# 638777.33
Pretty good for mall food.
# 629888.33
I think that they should build a Chick-fil-a outside of malls.
# 618877.67
good food. yummy potatoe fries
# 607988.00
Their food is great and on my diet as well. I love the Polynesian Sauce...mmmmm...
# 59710109.00
The employees are always so helpful and have a smile on their face. The food is great and the service is great!
# 586576.00
# 575776.33
Great food.
# 5688108.67
# 5571088.33
You Have to try the lemonade!!!
# 5410101010.00
I love Chick-fil-A. They get a 10 on everything. (The 10 on service is based on expected fast food service as opposed to la Caille service)
# 539999.00
I love these guys. The chicken is so good and I never have to wait very long to get my food. The mayo is the best and the people are friendly. Chick-fil-a rules! It would be gr... [Read More]
# 525776.33
# 515856.00
Okay, if you are really hungry, but nothing special. I think they are a bit overpriced and really don't have anything unique about them to draw in customers. There food is go... [Read More]
# 506887.33
# 499788.00
Not a bad bird for the buck.
# 48910109.67
Wonderful food and excellent service. The people here were really fast and friendly. A bit pricey though
# 478978.00
great food, customer service was alright, and also prices were good. will go there again.
# 468978.00
great food, customer service was alright, and also prices were good. will go there again.
# 458666.67
# 447898.00
# 438697.67
Clean resturant, quick lines, and good food. Some of their chicken sandwiches could use a little more pizzaz.
# 429999.00
Beats Meat
# 416887.33
The food is DELICIOUS! I love it.
# 4071098.67
Great food! They have the best chicken around.

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