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215 East State Rd.
American Fork, UT 84003
(801) 756-5722

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.13 7.20 6.60 7.31
# 1510778.00
ive only ever gone through the drive thru so im not sure how clean it is inside. i think it tastes the same as any other burger king. i prefer the chicken sandwiches
# 149999.00
this burger king is just fine, its what you might finad at any other drive thru burger place. the whopper is always a classic. breakfast menu isnt bad either, some good deals
# 135444.33
They got rid of my favorite burger
# 128998.67
Service here is very good!
# 116334.00
# 109999.00
# 99857.33
Every time we come here they forget SOMETHING on our oreder! It's getting a little annoying!
# 87887.67
# 791078.67
I love Burger King. They have real great onion rings. They also have a birthday club for kids and they get free food.
# 67676.67
not very busy staff very helpful excellent service however it is hard to get into the place where it is situated
# 59636.00
Constantly messes up drive-through orders.
# 47555.67
I really think that they need to work on their cleanliness. I feel like the restaurant is rarely up to code with being clean. The workers need to be a bit more friendly. I was n... [Read More]
# 38877.67
Food always tastes fresh and restaurant atmosphere is nice.
# 29888.33
The employees all seem realy nice, but everytime I've seen the manager in there (I don't know if it's an area manager or what), but she is always very curt with the employees and... [Read More]
# 110888.67

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