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1330 E 300 N
Provo, UT 84606

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Avg: 7.11 8.13 7.58 7.61
# 559978.33
One of the best ways to beat the summer heat. The lazy river and kiddie pool are great for younger kids. Older kids love the slides. Sometimes it's a little too crowded and tee... [Read More]
# 545243.67
The park is very small and choices of rides are very limited. They don't seem to have very many employees and they seem unfriendly and not "glad to see you". The ups... [Read More]
# 537988.00
so much fun and completely worth the price on a hot summer day!
# 529888.33
Good value for money means they have cool parties and viedos on the weekends.
# 517887.67
I haven't been here in years but I want to go. I am hoping to get a season pass for my family for next year. It kind of depends on the price though.
# 506887.33
Fun water park. A little on the pricey side. But overall, a good day in the sun.
# 498998.67
Fun water park. Go after 6 and the prices are really cheap.
# 481111.00
I am a season pass holder here at Seven Peaks I went to a slide night on June 4th (my birthday) and was turned away at the gate being told they do not honor season passes at the sl... [Read More]
# 4781099.00
I had such a great time that I bought a season pass.
# 468998.67
Great place-I just went there for the first time yesterday and was very impressed. There is something for all ages. I will go again!
# 4561098.33
A bit too expensive, but great water park.
# 447777.00
It's such a fun place to go, but so expensive unless you get one of their specials.
# 438888.00
The kids are always begging to go!! I love the lazy river. I haven't had a chance to do the wave pool though because it is always crowded.
# 427887.67
Always clean and they seem to sufficient life-guards.
# 4131087.00
over priced
# 4081088.67
This place is so fun, even for big kids. Just go on a not so busy day.
# 399878.00
A little too tame for kids over 15, but the price is great.
# 389999.00
This is a great place to spend a summer day or Saturday afternoon. The admission is not much and there is so much to do. They have areas that appeal to all ages. The two big sli... [Read More]
# 378988.33
Every year I wish I would have gone more to Seven Peaks. The rides are thrilling and the lines are manageable. The coupons they put out all over make it an affordable all day act... [Read More]
# 368767.00
Not enough people working there but it still is a fun place to go.
# 358978.00
# 347887.67
I loved coming here as a kid, but now that I am older my visits are few and far between. But I love this place
# 333765.33
Staffing was insufficient to meet the needs of the number of people using the park.
# 329878.00
I've only ben there a couple of times but both tinmes it was a realy great day.
# 317877.33
# 308957.33
# 29101089.33
Seven peaks is a lot of fun! No complaints, except that I wish it wasnt quite as crowded.
# 289788.00
# 275555.00
A really fun place but when they come test the water in the kids pool and then tell you that the pool is closed with no explanation, and also close the kids water slides with no ex... [Read More]
# 267977.67
Always fun. Lines on hot days can be a bit long and that's if your lucky to get a tube for the day before they run out. But overall good day spent.
# 256776.67
I think 7 peaks is just too pricy for the rides they have.
# 249988.67
# 236787.00
This is a really fun place to go when it's hot outside and you want something to do with your family. It gets really crowded sometimes though.
# 225887.00
High price, but fun.
# 216887.33
I haven't been for awhile because of the price, but I enjoyed it the last time I went.
# 208888.00
# 194886.67
they dont really compeat with other prices but then again who is there to compeat with. It is nice for a little in town stop off. but that evil shark just makes me feel like I wann... [Read More]
# 188998.67
# 177586.67
the only one around, I dont think its that great since I have been to bigger ones, but OK for the area. Not much by way of discounts.
# 167777.00

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