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1132 S. State St.
Orem, UT 84097

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.03 9.24 8.68 8.31
# 34810109.33
A small store with a huge selection. Helpful staff and great die cuts!
# 335866.33
There should of been more people to help me then there was.It was also kind of hard to find somethings
# 329999.00
Love this store!
# 31510108.33
# 307777.00
I love their selection of scrapbook supplies it is a great place small but great
# 2951098.00
I love this store. Pebbles has become one of my favorites. The one on Orem rocks.
# 2851098.00
# 2731097.33
Awesome store, we need more!
# 267977.67
# 256887.33
# 2431076.67
The service is okay and sometimes good, if you ask for help or look like you are spending loads. They aren't really helpful in an outgoing way. Great selection, but higher pr... [Read More]
# 238998.67
I love this store! They have lots of variety and their stuff is good quality. They have free "make and takes" everyday which is nice for the customers. Their employee... [Read More]
# 2210101010.00
great place for all of your scrapbooking needs. Pebbles in my Pocket has the widest variety of paper and die cutting devices in Utah!
# 215887.00
They are always very friendly when you walk in the door and help as needed.
# 2010101010.00
# 1981099.00
The best selection, you'll have a lot of fun. Seems more expensive than other scrapbooking stores.
# 187998.33
# 17910109.67
What a big store with lots of stuff!
# 164956.00
# 1510101010.00
I love this place! Besides all the tons of fun stuff to buy, they have great sales and coupons and the classes are well worth signing up for! I finally got started with my scr... [Read More]
# 147898.00
If you like scrapbooking you need to go to Pebbles in my Pocket! A little pricey, but great stuff and helpful staff.
# 138998.67
# 1271088.33
# 1191089.00
# 108988.33
# 9810109.33
# 87887.67
Really friendly people. Always helpful!!
# 79999.00
# 6710109.00
I love this store and the friendly people who work there. I will continue to shop there and buy prizes for my list as well as supplies for myself.
# 510101010.00
Very cute store
# 41775.00
nice things but way to expensive,Michaels doesnt have a big selection but there stuff is cheaper
# 35887.00
Cute, but pricey.
# 210101010.00
I love to go to scrapbooking stores especially Pebbles in my pocket. They always count all my little dye cuts instead of making me do it. I really think it is a great place to go... [Read More]
# 1910109.67
Great creative ideas!

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