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1109 South State Street
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 225-9195

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.19 8.51 8.27 8.32
# 437887.67
Try the fajitas. They're great, and their chips and salsa are good too.
# 42610108.67
# 4191099.33
Excellent! Meal was hot and plentiful and flavorful--close to perfect!
# 4010101010.00
# 397676.67
# 389978.33
The nachos are great. Good selection
# 3781099.00
# 3691099.33
# 3591099.33
Chips are fresh, food is excellent, even to go!!
# 347998.33
I loved the chicken nachos! They can feed an army! Great deal!!!
# 338777.33
selection is good. Quality is satisfying.
# 329888.33
This place has the BEST salsa I have ever tasted!!! Their food is very authentic and tastes excellent. Very kind and caring service. A+ in my book!!!
# 317887.67
# 3010101010.00
# 2910999.33
Excellent Food. My favorite Mexican Restaurant.
# 2810899.00
Excellent Food. My Favorite Mexican Restaurant in Orem.
# 278877.67
# 268978.00
Great food and an awesome selection. It is hard getting in at peak times, though. Killer nachos.
# 256998.00
# 246666.00
# 238978.00
# 229667.00
The prices are good, but the food really isn't all that great. It's not bad though.
# 21910109.67
I find this Mi Ranchito to be the BEST mexican food in Orem. I believe that this branch is the best of all. I have eaten at the American Fork location and their service is not 1/... [Read More]
# 209988.67
Nice family place, good prices, good food
# 1910989.00
I love your authentic tasting Mexican food. We were so full after leaving, and we still had some to-go boxes to take with us to eat the next day. Great prices!
# 187797.67
The service is superb and I love their chille Rellenos the best
# 1710989.00
Great food. I go there all the time. The people are very friendly, and great at what they do. I have never received my order wrong, and it always tastes great.
# 1610888.67
# 156897.67
# 1499109.33
Linda is the best waitress I have ever seen Salsa is hot, but adding chopped tomatoes helps
# 138687.33
The prices were good and there was a good selection of food. The atmosphere was nice for a family dinner. The food was ok, but no my favorite mexican in the area.
# 128967.67
you are grate. we love this restrant.
# 1188108.67
# 108998.67
# 989109.00
I love the food, it is so good!
# 810101010.00
best salsa anywhere!
# 78967.67
I really love their food, and the service has never been poor. Their lunch specials are a great deal. I eat here alot and love it.
# 67877.33
Kind of a strange little restaurant. The food was good and the service alright. Nothing bad, but nothing great. A fairly average place to eat.
# 57777.00
# 49999.00
The food was good, the salsa was great and the service was exceptional.

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