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133 S State Street
Lindon, UT 84042

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 6.75 8.75 8.83 8.11
# 1211086.33
It's really great that people are sharing this innoimatrof.
# 118998.67
This place is great especially since the remodel, new Chef, menu & fresh Sushi.
# 106987.67
# 968108.00
good food but a bit pricy, great atmosphere and very clean restaurant
# 87777.00
Good food, nice atmosphere.
# 791099.33
We went there for the first time in years and I was suprised at how much better the food was compared to some of the other chinese places we've eaten at recently.
# 6910109.67
The best Chinese food we've found in Utah County. The egg rolls are excellent, especially when they are freshly cooked! Great atmosphere! Awesome place to go for a date or a... [Read More]
# 57877.33
# 48998.67
Very good food! Lettuce wraps are pretty tasty too.
# 367107.67
Really good service, but price is a little much considering i can get the same thing at panda express for cheaper adn just as good.
# 27898.00
Great food, not treated as nice as the one in provo, but very good food and not to bad prices.
# 1710109.00

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