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264 North 100 West
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 374-3400

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Avg: 8.10 8.40 8.36 8.29
# 42101089.33
We have unlimited laser tag at Trafalga in Lehi, so we usually don't go to Laser Assault, but our friends were in town and had a gift certificate here, so we went with a big group ... [Read More]
# 418998.67
This place is so fun for a family night out or group date.
# 407777.00
# 39810109.33
This place is great the owner is really funny its a good place to take kids during the day and then everyone else later
# 388998.67
Really fun half hour for kids and adults. Very large game floor with upper levels, extensive hiding places, and plenty of recharging stations. Great choice of music to listen to wh... [Read More]
# 375887.00
They offer a variety of game types but most people just play standard Laser Tag. Word to the Wise- wear all black so the black lights don't make you glow like crazy! Jeans glow... [Read More]
# 3610101010.00
a really fun place-kind of loud(music)
# 357787.33
Although they may not have the best prices or equipment, the arena and background music you can play makes up the difference. Plus it's so close to BYU that it is the most con... [Read More]
# 3466107.33
Kind of a ghetto-looking place, but really fun! Be sure the sound works on your vest before you start a game...sound effects add a lot.
# 335797.00
This place is a lot of fun. I like that you can pick the music you play the game to.
# 3210101010.00
My favorite laser tag place around. Lots of fun with a group.
# 318998.67
This is my favorite laser tag venue. I like how the arena is set up and the prices are good. You can paly with a group you bring in or you can join another group if there are onl... [Read More]
# 308998.67
I had a real blast! It was a lot of fun...and there were only three of us. I'll definately be back!
# 295956.33
Great fun.
# 2810101010.00
I like the special fog that you guys, offer.
# 2710101010.00
The best place ever...I had the best time....can't wait to go back
# 267988.00
Laser Tag is always fun. Fun place there.
# 258998.67
Kid's had fun
# 249988.67
While we were destroyed by a group of little boys, the overall experience was worthwhile. I wish I would have worn less white, because the little Scouts really shot me up.
# 239788.00
Laser tag is always fun.
# 228677.00
# 218787.67
Alot of fun
# 207887.67
I went there with about ten of my friends it cost us almost a hundred bucks but it only cost about ten for each of us.
# 197597.00
The only reason it is so low is because we played with just me and my wife. It would have been much better if we had a bigger group.
# 1810788.33
best laser tag in area
# 177777.00
If this is the place I am thinking of, we decided not to go there, because there were so few people there. Lazer tag is only fun with a big group.
# 167898.00
This place is awesome I love it. laser tag yah...
# 155313.00
# 149878.00
When I went to Laser Assault I was in a huge group date and it was so much fun becuase everyone can play at the same time!
# 1371088.33
i went there last year and we all had a blast. it was way fun.its great because there are plenty of things to hide behind and i still remember the time we went.
# 1291099.33
My roommates and I went last year and had a great time. The atmosphere inside is really fun and competitive.
# 117777.00
Went last year and the sensors weren't working right. I heard that they have fixed this now.
# 1010999.33
I love going to Laser Assault! They change the arena frequently so that it's never boring. I did smack into a wall once, but that's my own fault because of the adrenaline... [Read More]
# 910101010.00
The manager was extremely nice. He treated me like a regular. Even complimented my skills. This is by far the best laser tag business in Utah.
# 810101010.00
Service was awesome. Employees went out of their way to do a great job, and made sure every need was met. Couldn't have been better! Thanks for making my son's birthday party a gr... [Read More]
# 781099.00
Great service and a lot of fun.
# 67877.33
# 510101010.00
Thisplace was so fun I just loved them.
# 49888.33
Took my wife here for a date night. She kept saying she didn't like laser tag. Well, by the time we left. She was loving it and said she wanted to go back for our next date nigh... [Read More]
# 310989.00
This is a wonderful game arena. The staff is pretty helpful but the most important thing is that it is fun

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