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180 North State
Orem, UT 84057
(801) 802-7430

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.68 8.08 7.72 7.81
# 629999.00
Iceberg has great shakes! We went fairly late at night and the man working there was very helpful.
# 618988.33
Their soft serve is really creamy and very good.
# 6010101010.00
I think that these guys are great. I felt welcome and I plan on going back as much as I can. I like the shakes, they are so full of flavor and the onion rings are to die for.
# 598113.33
The last time I visited this place was through the drive thru. No one came on to take my order. After about 3 minutes of waiting for service I decided to drive up to the window thi... [Read More]
# 586365.00
The service and prices of the food I purchased was very good but the food itself was sub-par in quality. It is cheap fastfood. The ice cream was very good ,though, and I would recc... [Read More]
# 5771078.00
They have the BEST shakes in the world.
# 5681088.67
The food was fantastic
# 5571098.67
great shakes, really creamy and huge!!! They have lots of flavors, even seasonal ones like pumpkin and peppermint. When we get shakes here, we eat some on the way home and put the ... [Read More]
# 549916.33
One thing that boggles my mind is every time I drive through and order ice cream or shakes ( I normally get more than 3 at a time) The people never give me a bag. Do they expect me... [Read More]
# 538998.67
Good burgers, a little pricy
# 529999.00
Excellent shakes. I don't think I've ever had their food, but their ice cream is excellent!
# 518998.67
I like their burgers and shakes. Good prices too.
# 507988.00
iceberg is my favorite place to get a shake because of all the different flavors. and I love the taste of them.
# 497988.00
Best shakes in town.
# 485987.33
Food is great but over priced
# 478988.33
I have only been there once but the food was great and other than them being out of chicken strips everything went really good
# 469988.67
They have the best fries and the best shakes.
# 459988.67
Best shakes around. For the price of the fries they could give you more though.
# 448988.33
good food and pretty good service
# 4310989.00
Good food at a great price. Used coupons and that was a big plus. The service was a little slow for me being one of 4 people in the restarant.
# 4210989.00
Good food at a great price. Used coupons and that was a big plus. The service was a little slow for me being one of 4 people in the restarant.
# 416586.33
Coming home from a long day hiking to Mt. Timpanogos cave I was really disappointed with the food quality. The burgers was lukewarm and the restaurant smelled funny.
# 408777.33
I heard that it was great, but was disappointed in the food. The ice cream is great, though.
# 3981099.00
I LOVE the thick shakes! Great variety of toppings. Huge servings.
# 388998.67
The best milk shakes around. The price is pretty good and the amount of shake you get is huge. You order a small size shake and when you get it, you think they gave you a large. ... [Read More]
# 37101099.67
Everything just tastes great! Service is fast at drive-up. Employees were very helpful and friendly.
# 368867.33
Bad experience with the customer service, nice shakes though.
# 359999.00
They make the best shakes in the area!
# 346977.33
# 33108109.33
This is the place to go when you wnat an old fashion burger and fry. The shakes are soooo good!!!
# 328867.33
i love their shakes they are so big for the price you pay.
# 3171098.67
I love these shakes! Best in the County!
# 3058107.67
My son turned 3yrs old on Sat and we took him out for a good time. He loves the Malts from the IceBerg and injoyed him self.
# 297777.00
Cookie dough shake is the best.
# 288967.67
slow service, but good food
# 2710101010.00
# 264475.00
Shake was dissapointing, and overpriced. Food wasn't as bad as the shake.
# 253474.67
not that impressed
# 247877.33
Ice cream and treats are good, but could be more of it.
# 236766.33
Shakes were really good, but the rest was mediocre at best.

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