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180 North State
Orem, UT 84057
(801) 802-7430

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.68 8.08 7.72 7.81
# 2251098.00
Great shake but you pay for the great.
# 2110101010.00
awesome shakes i am hooked they are the bet tasting shakes in utah and they are huge their onion rings are amazing too IF U HAVN"T TRYED THEM U HAVE BEEN DEPRIBED!
# 209878.00
The shakes here are the best, and you get a lot!
# 197887.67
# 187777.00
Like the logo says - World famous shakes -- yummm
# 178888.00
Best Shakes in the business! Nobody makes onion rings like these guys either.
# 16910109.67
Service was great! They delivered the food to my table too! Milkshakes and french fries are amazing! Fry sauce awesome. Onion rings are huge.
# 159777.67
My husband wasn't a big fan of this restaurant, but I thought their was a good selection to choose from and the prices were really reasonable.
# 1489109.00
# 139999.00
# 126264.67
The worst hamburger I have ever tried.
# 117576.33
We went for the 99 cent quarter pounder, which paled in comparison to the 99 cent Famous Star at Carls Jr. and the 99 cent Whopper at BK. The meat was tasteless and the burger lac... [Read More]
# 1071098.67
Awesome group of people. Very friendly. Great customer service.
# 9101099.67
HUGE shakes for less than Arctic Circle. The burgers were fresh and the store was very clean.
# 810101010.00
# 76998.00
# 69898.67
Great food and service. They were very friendly
# 54554.67
# 47777.00
Just like any other shake, just twice the size.
# 36123.00
you are nasty.
# 26877.00
Found it a bit pricey.
# 191089.00
The BEST Shakes along the Wasatch Front. Even their "mini" is HUGE. If you've never tried Iceburg...GO RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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