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1796 North University Parkway
Provo, UT 84664
(801) 373-5713

Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 7.68 8.24 8.26 8.06
# 388888.00
they have the best burgers
# 376998.00
The burgers are the best thing on the menu. they are good sized portions and the prices are just a little bit more than any other fast food burger joint.
# 367898.00
The gyro was great and at a decent price as well. It's probably the I ly thing I would go back for. The mushroom and Swiss burger was alright but kind of pricey. The fries were not... [Read More]
# 359999.00
They just upgraded the place and it looks great. The fries are amazing, and of course you need to get fry sauce. I always am happy with the guacamole bacon burger (well priced too)... [Read More]
# 3410101010.00
I guiltily eat here wayyyy more often than I should. Oh I love the gyros, the burgers, the husband loves that they are always playing sports on their flatscreens.... Th... [Read More]
# 337998.33
We love Burger Supreme! They've done a great job remodeling so the smoke goes out of the building instead of on your clothes :)
# 3281099.00
Burger Supreme is one of my favorite places to go for a REALLY GOOD burger. I love how they are cooked infront of you and taste like you made it at home. Love the fries and FRY S... [Read More]
# 3171088.33
Burger Supreme has the best burgers in Provo for a fraction of the price of comparable burgers. It's fast food, but a HUGE step above McD's or Burger King. Their fries ar... [Read More]
# 307887.67
They have great food. It is always fresh and hot when you get it!
# 296877.00
Pretty good. I want to try everything eventually! Prices are about like Carls Junior I believe. Use a starving student card coupon!
# 287164.67
My brother was diagnosed with hepatitis shortly after visiting this place (it was really the only place he went where he could have picked it up). The doctor suspected that he had ... [Read More]
# 277777.00
Very good food... just really greasy :)
# 2610101010.00
The BEST fry sauce in town. Even with a long line it goes super quick.
# 259999.00
Service is excellent and food is great! Great value for your money.
# 249999.00
Service is excellent and food is great! Great value for your money.
# 236977.33
A little bit pricy, but great food!
# 2281088.67
Excellent shakes!
# 213495.33
Service was great - prices were okay, but I had a coupn. Burgers weren't anything to rave about. You'd be just as good by going to McDonald's and getting something from... [Read More]
# 209988.67
# 196787.00
Food was decent. A little pricey for what you get.
# 1891099.33
very very good. I was dissappointed by the gyros though.
# 177977.67
Best burger in Provo, other than Fuddrucker's. Price is average compared to most fast food places, but really good when considering the great taste of their char-broiled burge... [Read More]
# 168898.33
Can never go wrong with Burger Supreme.
# 158988.33
The Green Chili Burger with guac. is a must!
# 149999.00
Best Burgers in town. Their Fries are to die for!!, not to mention their fry sauce which is better than anyone elses. Their Bacon Cheese Burger Combo is the Best!
# 139857.33
# 127576.33
Not impressed, but shakes great.
# 118988.33
Gauc burger's soooo good
# 108988.33
They got any type of burger you want to be rivaled only by Red Robin.
# 910101010.00
The best dang burgers in the state, bar none.
# 88898.33
Nice burgers! Not to many people know about these people, but I loved them alot. Pretty good prices too.
# 73353.67
I wasnt impressed with the food.
# 6810109.33
Great burgers! I like their fries a lot and their fry sauce. I don't know if too many people know about this place, but it's a great place to try!
# 58978.00
The burgers are great and not too pricey. I love it how they always have coupons! My favorite burger is the guacomole burger!
# 49788.00
# 368108.00
My husband and U really likes their gyros.
# 29999.00
Exceptional food for fast food.
# 19999.00
The Gyro Sandwich is my favorite. Great shakes too.

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