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800 North 406 West
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 227-7118

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Price Quality Service Overall
Avg: 8.04 7.94 7.93 8.00
# 739999.00
good, fun, fast food
# 729113.67
On a Friday night we waited in the drive thru line for nearly half an hour. Finally a girl came out and asked us if the drink she was holding was ours. (It wasn't--we ordered 2... [Read More]
# 7110868.00
They forgot to put cherries in the cherry limeade a few times.
# 708798.00
They were fast, friendly, and accurate. Just hoped the sandwich was a bit warmer.
# 6910101010.00
Great food and pricing is okay. The order that requests were taken was screwed up and we ended up waiting 25 mintues while people behind us Great food and pricing is okay. The orde... [Read More]
# 688857.00
Great food and pricing is okay. The order that requests were taken was screwed up and we ended up waiting 25 mintues while people behind us were served. Besides that, good place.
# 6710101010.00
The best restaurant!
# 6610101010.00
# 658877.67
I think it is so cool that they can carry food out and skate too! What talent!
# 647666.33
happy hour is great! but for 'fast food' its pretty slow.
# 6399109.33
I love the ocean water here! It is a great tasting drink. They mix sprite and coconut flavoring together.
# 628777.33
Love the happy hour 1/2 price drinks!
# 619999.00
Good food and great ice cream desserts. I love their drink selection and they always have great specials running.
# 608898.33
Great shakes and prices.
# 5910999.33
I love going to happy hour where all drinks are half priced
# 588988.33
Love the happy hour specials! The Strawberry Lime-ade and Ocean Water are great and my kids love the slushes. Also, their ice-cream cones are the best soft serve I've found.
# 578967.67
i really thought the service was a bit slow, although it was understandable b/c they were so busy. i love their vanilla ice cream i swear it cannot be beat. and their cherry limea... [Read More]
# 5678108.33
they are always very quik to bring your food and it is always great food and the shakes are great
# 559999.00
Service is good hamburgers and fries could be better
# 547766.67
I go here just for the fresh cherry limade...mmmm....cherry limeade
# 537887.67
Fritos and chilli cheese is my favorite. Strawberry limeaide is soooo good too. Burgers are below average so do the hotdogs....
# 529888.33
The strawberry limeaid is the best! They also do a half price night on Mondays. It makes for a fun family night outing.
# 5110999.33
Nothing better then happy hour at sonic
# 5010999.33
I enjoy your food and service. I do not like your commercial. You do not have to put down others to sell your product. The commercial makes Sonic look desperate.
# 495876.67
Sonic is a brave venture in retrospect. They have successfully taken an old concept and made it remarkably new. It is a fun and different experience and the food is good.
# 488877.67
Fun retro A&W-style drive up restaurant. We've only gone here for the shakes, but those are great!
# 472211.67
I hate this place. Horrible service, and 3rd rate fast food. Proves gimmicks just dont cut it when it comes to fast food.
# 4610101010.00
Has the best chicken sandwhiches!
# 457566.00
They charged me half price to refill my rootbeer. What is up with that?
# 449999.00
# 439898.67
Fun place!
# 429888.33
Good food
# 4110101010.00
Loved it, loved it, loved it! A very cute place!
# 403644.33
Service was very slow but I did like the ordering process. Cost next to amount of food and quality wasn't to my liking. But the shakes were very good.
# 399999.00
I don't like the burgers a lot, but love the desserts!
# 3810989.00
I LOVE SONIC! I wish there was one closer to Provo. The food is delicious and they give great coupons. Build another one!
# 3771078.00
good food and a fun enviroment
# 367887.67
I like the drive-in theme, it's cool.
# 357777.00
ther service needs to speed up other then that i love ther foood and there shakes
# 347887.67
cool atmosphere.. i like the drive inn feel to it. good food for fast food, and the fact that you can add flavors to your drink is great.

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