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About the Company

The idea for ("CompanyRank") was developed after the founders noticed a large void on the internet that desperately needed to be filled. There are plenty of internet sites that rank other internet sites for those wanting internet related services. However, there were no well-known internet sites allowing people needing services to do 'due diligence' research on local companies to decide who can provide the service they need better than any other company.

CompanyRank not only provides the means for small companies to advertise on a competitive basis with large companies, it provides much needed customer feedback to large companies and small companies alike through monthly customer satisfaction reports. It truly is a 'bridge' between the consumer and the seller. The founders of CompanyRank believe that these types of online forums will reshape the way that 'buyers' and 'sellers' interact and communicate while creating an increased responsibility to the seller along with an additional advertising method to consumers. CompanyRank will, no doubt, continue to create innovative ways to connect consumers and sellers on a local level.

Seller Deliverables
  • Cost effective online listing and advertising service
  • Monthly customer satisfaction reports
  • Links from to Seller's website
  • Merchant area with search view and click-through statistics
All for a low price of $30 per month!

Consumer Deliverables
  • Allows consumers to be informed before making important buying decisions
  • Allows consumers to provide praise or correction for relating to a companys products or services
At no cost to the consumer!

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