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Earn Cash and Gift Certificates From Your Favorite Local Companies

How Does It Work?

1) Search for your favorite (or not so favorite) companies at

2) Press "Rate Me" or "Evaluate" and complete rating information for selected companies.

3) Each time you rate a company you earn points. A message will appear on your computer screen informing you of the number of points you have earned. If you give comments & suggestions you will receive additional points. Following is a breakdown of the points for each of your ratings.

Company RatedPoints Earned
Member Company With Comments Given20 Points
Member Company Without Comments Given10 Points
Non-Participating Company With Comments Given10 Points
Non-Participating Company Without Comments Given5 Points

4) Frequently visit the "Ranking Rewards" area of the website to see what cash prizes and gift certificates are available. When you see an item that you want and have the points to "buy", simply email to and request your prize. The gift certificates and cash prizes are on a "first-come-first-serve" basis and will rotate regularly.

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